Huckabee defies Obama

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First we got news that Mike Huckabee planned to attend a gala at the East Jerusalem hotel that Israel seeks to build a settlement in.

J Street rightly condemned Huckabee for stirring this issue up in defiance of his president:

Governor Huckabee has continually made it clear that he does not support the two-state solution or regional peace efforts, saying he doesn’t think Israel should “give up any land” and that the “two–state solution is no solution.” He has consistently backed settlement construction and said that the Palestinians should create their own country “elsewhere.”

The Governor is entitled to hold these views and to act on them, just as we are entitled not to support him or them. But let there be no question that by choosing to visit the Shepherd Hotel, he is knowingly inflaming an already volatile situation for the cynical purpose of scoring political points with his base. That does not make him pro-Israel – it just makes him pro-Huckabee and highly irresponsible, at that.

….We hope Governor Huckabee will cease playing politics with such sensitive issues.

A few minutes ago we got Huckabee’s twitter feed from Palestine:

I’ll be in Israel this week and touring the highly disputed settlements that Obama and Hillary are trying to stop.

Jerk. Is it his base he’s trying to play to? Or is it the lobby? 

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