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September 30 2009

19 William Safire: Wars Made out of Words

51 No statute of limitations on using the Holocaust

24 Is Mark Green’s defeat the end of the Jewish meritocracy?

30 Why Obama’s gotten nowhere with Netanyahu

73 Dowd breaks ‘Times’ seal on Safire’s ‘influential’ religion

121 Religious leaders are timid on the moral issues in the conflict

34 Yom Kippur prayers can include Muslims

September 29 2009

27 Arianna’s friends

6 Safire’s former employer won’t let on that his ‘deepest affections were for Israel’

14 Celebrated Palestinian director refuses to help build ‘Brand Israel’

14 Sullivan says the lobby enables Israel to ‘give the U.S. the finger’

32 For those wondering about the ‘Palestinian Gandhi’

49 Gen McChrystal and the difference between an insurgency and an occupation

66 Dimona on my mind

9 Eliding Safire

September 28 2009

18 Mark Green plays religion card, and Dershowitz card, in bid for Jewish votes

35 Neocons pushing regime change at point of a gun, again

24 Israel lobby bares its teeth

13 Zionism vs. the 9-month-old baby with heart condition

30 On Yom Kippur

September 27 2009

8 ‘New York Times’ mollycoddles neocons

11 Arianna Huffington slams Israel’s colonies/roads for making Palestinians ‘strangers in their own land’

51 A prayer against coercion

2 another prayer about Jewish censoriousness, from Rabbi Rosen

8 Get me rewrite– Washington man is trapped in Gaza. Sorry, no story

September 26 2009

107 Celebrate ‘Times’ photographer Rina Castelnuovo

10 California dreamin’

5 ‘NYT”s Oren profile says U.S. is pleasant and sedated, but Israel is place of moral passion

143 Anti-Semites, go away

5 Dreaming about Midge Decter

29 Sanctions would work in Israel

September 25 2009

8 Detaining the messenger

3 Neoconservatism was more fun under Irving than Bill

11 Too unfair for words

4 Non-violent tool of boycott is the only recourse– Code Pink

269 I got some guys I want to introduce you to you’ll really get along

31 Is Rahm Emanuel washing his hands?

9 The days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are called ‘the days of awe’

24 Dear Abby, My neighbor’s daughter lacks religion, and an exploitative Arab has seduced her. How do we stop them?

10 Would you leave your shoes under Dick Cheney’s bed?

September 24 2009

35 Abunimah: Obama just proved it, partition is over

12 Even if 2-state-solution is dead, J Street has a role to play

4 ‘Washington Post’ highlights statement that Leonard Cohen validates occupation

53 Netanyahu likens Hamas to Nazis attacking England

58 the deal

2 Is Hillary the next Kissinger? Are the neocons trying to undermine her?

3 Brits lobby Jews to support Obama

September 23 2009

14 Today, Obama wins

5 Yesterday Netanyahu won

12 not everything’s happening in Turtle Bay

70 White House phones Jewish leaders to promise veto on Goldstone

19 Campus BDS movement looks to grow with Fall conference

28 rise of the realists, re Iran

3 The lucrative business of being Netanyahu’s stenographer

12 misunderstanding the ‘white left’ and PEP

September 22 2009

38 ‘Israel ultimately is not democratic . . . and they engage in a light form of apartheid’

6 Behind the moral veneer of Israel’s liberal establishment

27 Israeli filmmaker to Jerry Seinfeld: ‘Don’t cooperate with the occupation’

44 ‘NYT’ left out Kristol’s Israel-firstism (and what about those neocon women!)

92 Do you feel confidence in speaking up for Israel against the anti’s?

September 21 2009

12 Brand Israel has failed in Toronto because ‘the issue is the product, not the marketing’

21 Question to LA Times: ‘Isn’t it standard journalistic practice to ask for a response, especially when throwing around slanders like “Jew haters?”‘

13 Pastor Hagee’s party of death (with Lieberman and Dore Gold)

17 thought experiment

28 feeling more hate in Jerusalem

34 Oberlin students protest Benny Morris appearance Wednesday

5 No quotes from any of the protesters

7 ‘NYT’ blackout of Judge Goldstone continues

13 arguing about PEP

8 my wife’s theory about the Yale murder

September 20 2009

19 Falk: Goldstone is historic blow in the war Israel is losing– the ‘Legitimacy War’

7 Israeli left, dead in J’lem, makes aliyah to White House

47 It’s all spin: Not one of Goldstone’s 37 factual assertions has been rebutted

61 New attack on the Goldstone report – it’s thwarting Israeli debate and reflection over Gaza

23 Huffpep

23 The third rail shrugs (Washington Post publishes Walt on Israel lobby)

8 i yearn for the faroff rumble of the tumbrils fetching the neocons from georgetown

September 19 2009

27 Read no evil (the NYT on the Goldstone report)

9 while the Obama administration worries about the unfairness of the Goldstone report…

5 Hamid Dabashi is misrepresented by David Horowitz

September 18 2009

205 Leaked UN report echoes Goldstone and says Israeli blockade is leading to the ‘de-development’ of Gaza

82 Conservative rabbis call on American Jews to sing Israeli anthem in synagogues to battle Goldstone!

19 Goldstone went to Gaza’s Ground Zero: the police massacre

13 Talk to Ambassador Rice about the future

3 Marty Peretz bridles at being called ‘an elder’

September 17 2009

28 Goldstone commission sees evidence of ‘persecution’

26 Tel Aviv suburb starts anti-miscegenation patrol to ‘assist young girls in the habit of mingling with men from minorities’

36 Ask and you shall receive: the US appears willing to help Israel stonewall the Goldstone report

5 When life gives the Israel lobby lemons . . .

26 The BDS movement will continue to grow as long as Israel avoids accountability

57 Divorcing Israel– even the ‘Forward’ is thinking about it!

September 16 2009

53 Roger Ebert amends his review of the Toronto protest

33 Ben-Ami warns mean Marty Peretz, muzzling American Jewish anguish over Israel will destroy the community

59 Gaza, and now Goldstone, expose rift between American Jews and Israel

56 Jimmy Carter, revolving-door prophet

28 Desperation: Canadian newspaper likens Naomi Klein to…. Goebbels

84 the Gaza international lip service

8 More on Henry Wallace, Alvah Bessie, Dick Cheney too

September 15 2009

65 After UN commission charges Gaza war crimes, PBS affords Michael Oren a platform

30 Fonda Vanessa

30 Hey! Heroic Hollywood 10 included anti-Zionist

118 UN fact finding mission finds that Israeli actions in Gaza amounted to war crimes, and possibly crimes against humanity

September 14 2009

53 On blacklists

22 Why do they hate us? (bin Laden says: Read Walt, Mearsheimer, and Carter)

88 counterattack! Minnie Driver, Natalie Portman

6 Jane Fonda gains support even in wobbly lobby

25 Toronto flap has furrther damaged the Israel brand

6 annals of the msm

September 13 2009

31 Mortensen: Israel uses Toronto to ‘whitewash illegal and inhumane actions’

55 At Gaza rates, West Bank evacuation would cost $140 billion

17 Rahm and Axelrod aren’t just self-hating, now they’re traitors to the Jewish people

44 J Street’s game is to build Jewish political capital for Obama

66 The Toronto Declaration hits Canadian airwaves, continuing the debate

7 Today’s lesson. What happens when the Israeli army tries to seize one truck in a settler outpost?

September 12 2009

40 English skinheads wave…. Israeli flag!!!!

26 NYT’s misstates casualties in Lebanon war

26 Traficant: Israel exported violence to the US

90 ‘LA Times’ says Toronto has lit a ‘prairie fire’ against a ‘pariah’ state

September 11 2009

76 Jewish Voice for Peace tries to open debate around Toronto Film Fest, other Jewish orgs (including J Street) look to shut it down

9 Young Israeli Army Resisters Speak Out in National Tour

73 Profile in courage: Gideon Levy makes ‘In These Times,’ not ‘the Times’

27 9/11 cast my Jewish identity

21 dual loyalty, in the news

23 Toronto film fest protest grows to over 1,000 supporters including Harry Belafonte, Julie Christie and Viggo Mortensen

35 Would any Prime Minister in the world declare: ‘I won’t be a sucker!’

56 When do we get to talk about the one-state solution?

19 My wife offers her version of Kopechne’s death

September 10 2009

23 Berman’s Iran drumbeat to Jewish leaders sure sounds a lot like Iraq drumbeat

7 birds of a feather

8 The rise and rise of Joel Pollak, Israel lobbyist

9 Toronto

52 More on Jimmy Carter and one-state

September 9 2009

20 Norway divestment & Toronto film fest protest continue to get attention

36 ‘J Street’ comes off as hip & the future, in NYT Mag piece

20 Elliott Abrams, the early years

19 Somewhere over the rainbow, Harvard neocons fly

11 Time to hit the books – check out ‘Republican Gomorrah’ & ‘My Israel Question’

10 Is this in you?

5 The leopard cannot change its spots. But the dessert–

5 You read it here last

7 somewhat rabbinical posting, on Jewish deference

September 8 2009

36 MASA drops anti-assimilation ad citing a ‘disconnect’ between Israeli and American Jews

3 Tina Brown is clever

8 More on those fearsome Gaza surfers who pose a security risk to Israel…

9 Shouldn’t Sweden just condemn Aftonbladet? No, not really

3 Pollack, Kristol, Abrams, O’Hanlon, Brooks, Kagan, Senor, Alas

8 wake up, honey, you’re just having a bad dream!

19 holy war

14 Washington Post gives Elliott Abrams a platform to say that Palestinians don’t live in the ‘real world’

3 No East J’lem, no peace

September 7 2009

66 Connecting with the Jewish rage in ‘Basterds’

60 Grahams ain’t Jewish

6 ‘Haaretz’: Two cheers for intermarriage

September 6 2009

101 In the Washington Post, Carter speaks of the ‘more likely’ solution: one state

53 more on Jews in the media

September 5 2009

12 Growing up in the shadow of intermarriage

8 Chazan: Israelis have abandoned the democratic ‘ethos’

32 Who’s attacking the veil? Why?

8 a good excuse to run a foto of the great Amira Hass

September 4 2009

40 Birthright gone wild

9 Israel fires live ammo on protesters, tear gas on media, during weekly protests against the Wall

7 Force, provocation, disaster…. more force

58 A Jewish journalist is not sincere about Jewish ownership of media

11 Defied by Netanyahu again, Obama expresses… appreciation!?

9 Oy– if Israel declared apartheid tomorrow, officially, American Jews would still sign off…

1 more Podhoretz

2 Pariah state

31 Israeli anti-assimilation campaign asks Jews to inform on their family members

13 We take our stand! –Lester Maddox, Orval Faubus, Theodore Bilbo, George Wallace, Norman Podhoretz

September 3 2009

44 Naomi Klein, David Byrne, Jane Fonda, Danny Glover, Ken Loach, Wallace Shawn and many others support protest of Toronto Film Festival

5 Another step forward… Norway divests from company that serves separation wall

17 NYT explains PEP: ‘Leftwing’ Jews are ‘passionately’ pro-Israel

2 Dumped by Ahava, Kristin Davis sticks with Oxfam

28 Take a look at the Israeli government ad that says intermarried Jews are ‘lost’

19 When, and why, did a religion become a nation?

September 2 2009

15 Shared values department

128 note new hasbara push: You did it to the Native Americans

4 Filmmaker pulls doc from Toronto film-fest that seeks to burnish Israel’s brand

13 Anthony Weiner goes from right-wing stiff to brilliant populist in a New York second (guess the issues!)

61 How can American Jews demand equality in the US and defend a system of inequality in Israel/Palestine?

0 Leviev’s banana peel is BDS

September 1 2009

4 Feeling the hate in Silwan

66 Gosh, how to justify stealing someone’s land? (blame, despise, & degrade them)

15 Sullivan warns that Israel could lead us into WW3 in Mid East

20 ‘Surfing on Islamophobia’ (Idrees Ahmad responds to McConnell)

45 A western Zionist’s slogans remind me of a racist joke of my youth

2 (the lobby strikes again) ‘LA Times’ gives platform to university president pressuring Neve Gordon to resign

5 OK but we have 84.3% of the neocons

13 Christison: ‘Under heavy pressure, Obama is being beaten down’