Disagreement over Iran’s threat

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Opher Pines-Paz, a left member of the Israeli Knesset, was in Washington yesterday at the New America Foundation talking about the Iranian threat, arguing that nothing should be taken off the table by the west (i.e., military action). Taylor Marsh had this report, excerpted:

M.J. Rosenberg, who was sitting a couple of seats away from me came over. Whispering in my ear, he asked if maybe he should say something about the American Left not having the same understanding at all as what Pines-Paz was outlining on ’s nuclear capabilities. It was as if M.J. had read my mind, as I was thinking Mr. Pines-Pas had completely missed the political dynamics by assuming that everyone on the left is aligned on ’s nuclear capabilities and threat, agreeing with ’s assessment.

M.J., getting Daniel [Levy]’s attention, asked to say a word after Pines-Paz’s closing. Watching the reaction as M.J. said that we’re not at all in agreement over ’s nuclear threat, Mr. Pines-Paz’s jaw tightened. It was obvious he wasn’t at all prepared for the dissent. Then it came.

Pines-Paz clapped loudly a couple of times, then strongly and emphatically said, “Wake up!”

The reaction couldn’t have been more defensive or purposefully dismissive. Hearing such reality from M.J. Rosenberg, someone who is as solid on Israeli and politics as anyone writing today, seemed to shock the guest of honor, who immediately turned his head cutting off any engagement on the subject.

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