Latest tactic against ‘J Street’– anti-Arab racism

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The main attack on J Street now includes racism. Here is Lenny Ben-David, who used to work at AIPAC and then worked for the Government of Israel– I gather his name was Lenny Davis once–attacking J Street for taking money from Arab-Americans. It’s in Pajamas Media, another branch of the Israel lobby and its sleepwalkers:

Did you really say J Street has only five Arab and Muslim donors? A partial listing quickly extracted from the U.S. Federal Election Commission shows more than 30 contributors, many with ties to Arab-American organizations…

Who drives policy at J Street? It’s difficult  to imagine that the unwieldy J-Street 160-member board of advisors directs policy. Some of those members are also foreign agents who worked for Egypt and Saudi Arabia. It also seems unlikely that your big bucks, 50-member Finance Committee provides decision-making guidance. That’s where the heads of the pro-Iranian and Arab-American lobbies sit.

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