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Oren screed written off as ‘crazy… ridiculous’ on Huffpo

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Great post by MJ Rosenberg saying just how crazy the Oren piece in the New Republic is. Sad reflection on the Israel lobby: 

Israel’s Ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, writing in The New Republic, says that the Goldstone Report "portrays the Jews as the deliberate murderers of innocents–as Nazis. And a Nazi state not only lacks the need and right to defend itself; it must rather be destroyed."

This is crazy stuff, especially because it comes not from some rightwing crank but from Israel’s highest ranking diplomat who serves in its most significant diplomatic post. Oren is also an intellectual, an author who is American born and educated.

Oren’s take on the Goldstone report is ridiculous. In fact, nowhere in his piece does he dispute the report’s finding that Israel (and Hamas) committed war crimes during the Gaza war…

Richard Goldstone would not strip Israel of its right, its obligation, to defend its citizens. Hardly. He has been involved in pro-Israel activities during his entire life. As for those who support the two-state solution, they are trying not to "compel Israel onto a course of self-destruction" but to help Israel avoid straying on to that course.

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