Will the real people of the West Bank please stand up, please stand up

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Will the people of the West Bank please stand up*.  I know you had a demonstration yesterday with anywhere from 500-1000 people.  I’m sorry, but that’s not enough. Please put the shisha down, stop cracking bizir seeds for five minutes and remember, even though you are a bit better off than your brothers and sisters in Gaza you are still under occupation.  Your land in the West Bank is still being stolen on a daily basis, your brothers and sisters are still being arrested on a daily basis, your movement is still being restricted on a daily basis and you have shamefully decided to pretend that you are a separate entity, different than Gazans who are living in worse than sub-Saharan African conditions.

This is your opportunity.  Are you going to allow traitors, collaborators and criminals to broker the borders of a future Palestinian state when to date all they have shown interest in is fattening their own pockets and doing the bidding of the usurping entity?  Will you be content with that and thing wring your hands and wonder why the international community does nothing to help you?

These are the people you have chosen to represent you and it is not fair that people in Gaza bear the brunt for your idiotic choices:

*My brothers and sisters in Nilin and Bilin, I am not talking to you, please keep doing what you are doing!

P.S. can someone please explain why the absurd Ziad Asali and Hussein Ibish have both written op-ed pieces in the last week applauding the efforts of Obama (for attempting to shelve the war crimes report) and ignoring the collaboration and treason of Fatah?  I won’t link to the garbage they wrote.  But I really want to know, who are those fools working for?

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