But Israel doesn’t want a two-state-solution

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There is much to commend in Scott McConnell’s criticism of the romantic view of the anti-apartheid struggle, but he ultimately falls into the same trap as a lot of progressives, of wanting a two-state solution more than the Israelis want it.  I know, a lot of duplicitous "liberals" in the Lobby talk about "wanting a solution more than the parties themselves", but think about this for a minute. It is America and the international community that has so much invested in the "two-state solution", to say nothing of progressive Zionists.  Israel certainly appears to not be prepared for one-man/one-vote. But they’re no more prepared to be a normal country back in the "Auschwitz borders". [quote from Abba Eban]  Nothing stunned me more at the J Street Conference than the speaker from the New Israel Fund who said that Israel has to be saved "for us", that is, for non-Israelis.  In short, American Jews and well-meaning Gentiles cannot want to save Israel as a Jewish state more than the Israelis themselves.

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  1. Ali Ahmad
    November 18, 2009, 3:16 am

    If Israeli Jews can accept full equality with their fellow Palestinians citizens, then they necessarily accept their right of return as they do for Jews wordwide. Either Palestinian Israelis live as demographic threats indefinitely or some bi-national arrangement has to take place.

  2. Richard Witty
    November 18, 2009, 6:41 am

    On the question of “what do Israelis want”?

    Most poll that they want a two-state solution, and even that if they were confident (really confident) of security that they would want a viable and healthy Palestine as neighbor.

    So, in ways, the failure of the US to recognize that in policy and behavior, is a betrayal to the majority of Jews.

    The key variable is the question of confidence of security, and Obama is right to emphasize that that is a non-compromisable feature to a high bar, in any peace.

    The contention of dissent is that that is either unjust, impossible with the current regime, impossible ever, or that Zionism is inherently racist (not just the specific application/negligence).

    The steps to a single state are many. The steps to a partition state are many. And, they diverge. It is necessary to choose if success is desired.

    Netanyahu is not choosing peace. Hamas is not choosing peace. Solidarity is not actively choosing peace, in choosing anger over consideration.

    I believe that the two-state solution is optimal in the circumstances, and could later result in bi-national status, whereas the I don’t see that advocacy for a single-state will result in either a truly civil bi-national single state, or a viable Palestine in partition.

    I therefore believe that unity between liberals and motivated liberals/radicals for a fair two-state approach is much better for ALL concerned.

    I think McConnell agrees. I don’t think a black-white evaluation of every motive and reaction and emphasis to get there is useful.

    I personally disagree with his comments on the degree of “THE” Israel Lobby influence, as I observe it being very diverse, not monolithic, not conspiratorial. (I think of the Israel Lobby phenomena as limited to support of A healthy and distinct Israel as common ground. The analysis of “THE” Israel Lobby is as relevant as the anarchist/Marxist exageration that “capital is monolithic and conspiratorial”. Its true only in advocacy of private ownership, but a capitalist invested in short-selling oil futures, is NOT in league with a capitalist investing in growth in fossil fuel consumption.)

    • Chaos4700
      November 21, 2009, 1:23 pm

      “Netanyahu is not choosing peace. Hamas is not choosing peace. “

      Two words, Witty: CEASE FIRE. Hamas kept up its part of the bargain. Israel didn’t. And it’s pretty disgusting that your worst criticism of Israelis tends to be, “Oh, well their current government is almost as bad as the Palestinians!”

      Nobody cares about your Warsaw/Bantustan master plan for the Palestinians, Witty.

    • zamaaz
      December 28, 2009, 12:30 am

      Richard, I also agree to our assessment on the following reasons:
      1) The trend at present in the Israeli government leadership gearing towards the establishment of the Jewish Nation, and understanding the character of the ‘Judaic System’, the creation of Israel as a Jewish state is inevitable;
      2) The creation of a Jewish state will also require the division of Palestine into two separate or distinct states;
      3) I read your debate regarding the issues of settlement, I understand the emotional intensity of Palestinians as well as those who sympathise with them…Yes, having your home bulldozed is painful situations indeed…But one thing I noticed, the people involved in the debate seemed to overlook the fact that the right of the individuals over a piece of land is entirely distinct and subservient to the right of the state. At this juncture, the state of Israel is in political conflict with the opposing parties of interest. This makes the native residents as well as the ordinary Israelis subject to the cruel and painful dynamics of settlement-politics in the area…This settlement problems will only stop when the lands or territories are finally and properly delineated as the two states are established in pursuance of lasting peace;
      4) One state-option with all its potential internal demographic and religious ideological polarities, like a ticking bomb could eventually overheat and explode in a civil war. The Palestinians could be expected to be peaceful, but we cannot discount some elements in its communities for whatever political reason. Then everything will return back again to zero.

  3. Rehmat
    November 21, 2009, 1:04 pm

    No rational person would agree with a “two-state” solution for the occupied Palestine. It has been tried in other places too with no real peace for the both side – even though in those cases (Germany, Korea, China, Azerbaijan, etc.) both parts have sovereign rights which the Zionist thugs and their western cheering governments don’t accept for the so-called “Palestinian State”.

    A Bantustan for the Native Palestinians is certainly not a viable solution. The only durable and peaceful solution to the occupied Palestine is – one democratic state with equal rights for the Jews, Muslims, and Christians.

    Two-state solution – Can you smell the skunk?
    link to rehmat1.wordpress.com

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