But Israel doesn’t want a two-state-solution

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There is much to commend in Scott McConnell’s criticism of the romantic view of the anti-apartheid struggle, but he ultimately falls into the same trap as a lot of progressives, of wanting a two-state solution more than the Israelis want it.  I know, a lot of duplicitous "liberals" in the Lobby talk about "wanting a solution more than the parties themselves", but think about this for a minute. It is America and the international community that has so much invested in the "two-state solution", to say nothing of progressive Zionists.  Israel certainly appears to not be prepared for one-man/one-vote. But they’re no more prepared to be a normal country back in the "Auschwitz borders". [quote from Abba Eban]  Nothing stunned me more at the J Street Conference than the speaker from the New Israel Fund who said that Israel has to be saved "for us", that is, for non-Israelis.  In short, American Jews and well-meaning Gentiles cannot want to save Israel as a Jewish state more than the Israelis themselves.

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