I-dont-hate-Israel handcuffs, blindfolds and deports Gazan for being in West Bank

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Imagine if anyone did this kind of stuff to Jews, the outcry there’d be. Howard Schneider of the Washington Post has a great piece on a horrifying and typical case:

Gaza-born Berlanty Azzam, 21, was two months from receiving her bachelor’s degree from Bethlehem University when the past caught up with her.

During a routine stop at a West Bank checkpoint on Oct. 28, an Israeli guard noticed Gaza City as the town of residence on her ID, placed her under arrest for being in the West Bank without permission and, within hours, had her deported back to the Gaza Strip, blindfolded briefly and in handcuffs.

Her case has drawn high-level attention — including inquiries from the U.S. State Department — from those who question whether such a strict enforcement of the rules is reasonable at a time when Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu says he is trying to ease restrictions on Palestinians and encourage economic development as a way to progress toward peace.

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