Jewish extremist is suspected of 2 murders a sanctimonious Mort Zuckerman pinned to Palestinians

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It doesn’t get any better than this. Haaretz:

Police suspect that Yaakov (Jack) Teitel, who has confessed to murdering two Palestinians and carrying out a long list of other, less deadly, terror attacks, also murdered two traffic policemen in the Jordan Valley eight months ago – a crime originally attributed to Palestinian terrorists.

Mort Zuckerman, leading Israel lobbyist and powerful publisher, complaining about bias against Israel in the media, at Huffpo last spring:

Did you hear about the two policemen who stopped to help a driver stuck with a flat–and were shot to death in the head at point-blank range?

Did you know about the 120-kilogram bomb planted in a parking lot adjacent to a shopping mall where thousands of people were milling about the stores, restaurants, and movie theaters?

No, of course, you didn’t. These are just two everyday incidents of the ordeal confronted by people in Israel while the world and the political leaders look away. Outrages like these do not make it into the Western media…

Israel has taken many risks for peace. The response has been rocket fire, terrorism, more incitement, more vilification, more shedding of Israeli blood, and less security…

A Palestinian state cannot be created by terrorism.

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