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Jack Ross was disturbed by this piece on Tariq Ramadan, the Swiss-born Muslim intellectual, that appeared in the Forward, which again exhibits its sympathy to the neocon worldview– categorizing Tariq Ramadan as an "Islamofascist" without demurral. Ross:

The Forward runs this bigoted and hypocritical attack on Tariq Ramadan by Allan Nadler, holding him to a standard of religious liberalism that would be a stretch for most mainline Protestants, to say nothing of Orthodox and even many Conservative Jews. Parenthetically, after Paul Berman got half an issue of TNR to attack Ramadan, he was given a very friendly interview by Michael Lerner in Tikkun. Here author Nadler attacks Ramadan for maintaining the divine origin of the Quran with no regard for Orthodox Jewish belief about the Torah, and more so still when he attacks the Hadith, as it is analogous to the Talmud.

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