What if they gave a massacre and ‘the Forward’ couldn’t even mention it?

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Here’s the Forward’s 50 top Jews in leadership, the Jews who are leading American Jewry into the future. One of them is Michael Oren, the Israeli ambassador to the U.S. Oren’s not American, and he’s described as "center-left."

Then there’s Irving Moskowitz, funder of colonies, and neocon Steven Rosen and neocon Michael Steinhardt. These are leaders? I wonder if they’re center-left too? Wow. Not one anti-Gaza Jew here, at first reading. Oh mein gott. No boycott Jews. No anti-Zionists. They don’t even mention the word Gaza. And when they praise Roger Cohen of the Times– not a word about Gaza. Help.

Update: Wondering Jew corrects me in the comments, saying that Gaza is mentioned in connection with Ari Roth, who bravely staged 7 Jewish Children. My bad: my search function didn’t turn up Gaza.

As to Danielf90’s point: This is the heart of it, isn’t it? All these stirrings on the Jewish left. All these young idealistic Jews who share my point of view– and whenever I run into Ralph Seliger of Meretz or J.J. Goldberg of the Forward, they say in essence to me, Well you represent something in the Jewish community. But the Forward demonstrates that as far as it’s concerned these voices should be excommunicated. It elevates hardliners like Oren and Rosen on the right, but there is no real left represented. This is about identity construction; and the failure of the builders to see what is taking place among the disillusioned.

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