You’d think a NY politician urging West Bank colonization to defy Obama would be a big story in the NY papers

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Dov Hikind, the extremist New York City Councilman, is promoting American home ownership in the occupied West Bank. –Haaretz. Sickmaking.

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  1. Chaos4700
    November 16, 2009, 11:51 pm

    I suppose in a twisted way, it makes sense. The average Joe couldn’t get a bailout over here to save his life, much less his house. One supposes the logic is, if the American tax money won’t go to you, you can always go to where it’s going.

  2. Nolan
    November 17, 2009, 12:35 am

    That is the height of Zionist self-entitlement. Too bad Hitler is dead. He would have been proud to see how the victims of his atrocity have adopted his philosophy and world view.

  3. VR
    November 17, 2009, 12:38 am

    Chaos4700, I think you may have hit the nail right on the head. The Zionists see the impoverishment in the Jewish community in America (and elsewhere) as a unique opportunity to choose stolen property in the “only democracy on the Middle East. ” It is nothing new, I wrote about it in 2007, it just seems to be more of an “opportunity” at this time –


    • Don
      November 17, 2009, 9:16 am

      V…”impoverishment in the Jewish community in America (and elsewhere)”.

      Could you elaborate? I am aware of this occurring in Israel, but not so aware of this phenomenon in the US (unless it is simply the same phenomenon that is impoverishing everyone).


  4. Ethan Heitner
    November 17, 2009, 9:41 am

    Dov Hikind, not surprisingly, also has come out in favor of the Hebron Fund and racist, settler violence:
    New York Daily News covers the Citi Field debacle, quotes Hikind:
    link to

    Remember to come out tomorrow to Park Avenue and the Major League Baseball Commish’s office, lunchtime, 12:30, for the protest….

    • potsherd
      November 17, 2009, 10:05 am

      The Hebron Fund is linked to terrorism, followers of Baruch Goldstein. Anyone who supports it is a supporter of terrorism and should be arrested, thrown out of the country, and their assets confiscated. ie, Citi Field.

  5. hnorr
    November 17, 2009, 3:32 pm

    It’s a minor detail in this context, but for the record Hikind is a state assemblyman, not a city councilman.

  6. Jeffrey Blankfort
    November 17, 2009, 7:24 pm

    Dov Hykind was formerly a member of Meir Kahane’s Jewish Defense League which at one time was designated as a terrorist group by the FBI yet the media never mentions it. This orthodox zebra never changed his spots.

  7. potsherd
    November 17, 2009, 7:26 pm

    I believe it still is so designated.

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