Post-post-racial (Jewish identity of state of Israel is ‘very important’ to Obama administration)

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How can you keep kidding yourself that this administration is going to do anything to improve the Israel/Palestine situation? This administration’s position is actually two times worse than the Clinton parameters (which did not mention Jewish identity and did not commit to "developments on the ground"), and one time worse than the Bush position (which did not mention Jewish identity, but did recognize developments on the ground).

How do we get closer to peace while at the same time tilting even further towards the Israelis? We are leaving it to the Russians to call for more even-handedness?

Haaretz: US fails to gain support from other members of the Quartet for Israel’s "settlement freeze":

At the crux of the Russian objections were two points that were very important to the U.S. administration: the Jewish identity of the State of Israel, and that the future border between Israel and the Palestinians would reflect developments on the ground.

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