Oxford and Cambridge are Scylla and Charybdis of Jewish state

As we say at Yom Kippur, the doors are closing. In England, that is. A few days ago a talk by Benny Morris to the Israel Society at Cambridge University was canceled under pressure from students who cited Morris’s anti-Arab statements in One State, Two States.

And tonight, Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon was heckled and denounced in an appearance at Oxford University. Writes someone who was there:

Inside, numerous individual students interrupted the talk, challenging Ayalon’s assertions that the West Bank and East Jerusalem were not Occupied Territory, and that Israel had ‘given up’ a third of its country in its peace deal with Egypt.

Before long Ayalon was not able to continue his rehearsed speech, and was forced to contend with a gathering storm of intelligent questions and statements contradicting his evasions and outright lies. At one point a member of the Palestine Society read out a full page of the Goldstone Report dealing with Israel’s deliberate killing of civilians, to thunderousapplause from the audience. Israel’s ambassador to the UK, Ron Prosor, sitting in the front row, looked bewildered and embarrassed by his colleague’s unstatesemanlike performance.

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  1. the ynet report says: “Ayalon patiently addressed all claims and refrained from engaging in a public altercation. Eventually, one of the students got up, demanded his peers’ attention, and apologized to Ayalon – to roaring applause – for the behavior of the rogue students. ” Is there any additional information on which it was; a few ‘rogues’ or overall rejectionism. If Ynet is correct, it was a little disappointing. We usually manage to make Chinese delegations do much more of a dance to avoid confrunting demonstrators.

  2. Cliff says:

    Check out the YNet comments.

    One guy calls the protesters, ‘Nazis’.

  3. ahmed says:

    Did you see how few turned out?

  4. otto says:

    They are becoming like South African diplomats c. 1970s. Progress.

  5. Ayalon the canary ought to count himself lucky that he wasn’t arrested on his way out.

  6. Chutzpah indeed…

    “Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon may press charges against a student who shouted “slaughter the Jews” during a speech he gave at Oxford University on Monday. ”


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