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Leon Wieseltier, in a V-part symphony in the New Republic, smears former New Republic editor Andrew Sullivan as an anti-semite because of his criticisms of Israel. Hard to read. Baroque style. Best quotes in the piece are Sullivan’s.

Note that after Jeffrey Goldberg published a piece in the New York Times questioning the settlements two years ago, Wieseltier published a veiled attack on a "friend" for a "miserable" piece and said he was of a mind "to be withering." Here he let’s go. His Sullivan piece says that the Israel lobby is no different from the Taiwan lobby or the Saudi Arabian pressures on the U.S. Wieseltier lives in a bubble.

The piece begins by knocking Sullivan’s religion, Catholicism, which as a media friend says is not a way to win readers to your side. Says another media friend: "What a twit. Leon W may not recover."

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