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Barghouti: The first intifada has begun again

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Israeli soldiers killed 4 Palestinian teenagers allegedly carrying garden tools during protests in the northern West Bank this weekend as AIPAC served wine to congressmen and told them about the great economic development in the West Bank. Mustafa Barghouti says: "It’s popular, it’s non-violent and it’s peaceful… It is happening everywhere now…. There is an agreement between all these groups, that we don’t use military actions…  These people are unarmed and they have nothing to defend themselves with, encountering the Israel army and Israeli settlers… both using guns."

Great reporting by Jesse Rosenfeld, via Lia Tarachansky. [And I’m sorry reader for my goddamn ethnocentrism, but you will see several young freedom-rider Jews in this video, defying an enormity on behalf of an oppressed people.]

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