Bibi Ahab (Obama Starbuck?)

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Didi Remez has translated a piece by Nahum Barnea sketching out the nightmare that would befall the Middle East, and Israeli security, if Israel strikes Iran. Here is Remez’s shrewd takeaway:

Note that although Barnea’s primary assertion is that the apocalyptic implications of an Israeli strike would deter a rational Israeli government, he is concerned that Netnayahu may have rhetorically painted himself into a corner:

"Netanyahu has upgraded Ahmadinejad to the dimensions of a Hitler.  Against Hitler, one fights to the last bunker.  This is what Churchill did, and Netanyahu wants so badly to be like Churchill.  His credibility—a sensitive issue—is on the table.  If he retreats, the voters will turn their back on him.  Where will he go?  In his distress, he may run forward."

Note that the Washington Post and the New York Times are helping to paint Netanyahu into this apocalyptic corner.

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