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April 30 2010

361 US aid for Palestinian roads facilitates hateful Israeli system of separate roadways

68 Which side are you on, J Street?

126 Freeman: Israel is useless to US power projection

30 More Arizona contradictions, this time from an Is-lobbyist

25 The Arab turf at Brookings

48 Report: Junior Israel lobbyist eavesdropped on Massad’s class at Columbia

11 You may be too afraid or too far away to join the Friday Bil’in protest but you can be there in spirit

32 the great American awakening is upon us (and the CFR is clueless)

96 Ask Haaretz: What drives ‘secret’ US policymaking?

55 Jacqueline Rose on Zionism

April 29 2010

84 Boycotts from Arizona to Palestine

178 Mearsheimer’s realistic/crystal ball: incipient apartheid, apartheid, then binational state

26 Israel’s democratic values: Punish human rights organizations, not war criminals

41 AIPAC would marry apartheid

36 Joseph Massad reads from the Zionist dictionary

16 Passage of divestment by Berkeley students is ‘inevitable’

3 Nuke that simile

64 Shocker: Speaker of Knesset calls for making one state with Palestinian citizens

25 Berkeley student body sustains veto of divestment measure

6 Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb will speak on BDS in Brooklyn tonite

16 Abunimah: Refugees returned to Bosnia, why not Israel?

41 Is the binational state becoming a realist argument?

21 Chomsky says Israel is pillaging Gaza’s natural gas reserves

20 ‘Washington Post’ prints forthright call for boycott

7 Expulsion and persecution rationalize… expulsion and persecution

8 Jlem mayor comes to US capital to explain, Screw Obama and the horse he rode in on

April 28 2010

19 Follow the UC divestment votes tonight

221 Feeling the hate in New York

22 Israelis kill another unarmed demonstrator, 21

14 Barghouti to fearful Berkeley students: This is Alabama, 1963, please stand aside

25 2 liberal NY congressmen–Nadler and Weiner–endorse organization saying ‘No!’ to two-state solution

32 ‘Those who hold that an agreement with the natives is essential should depart Zionism’

9 Israelis have an un-American view of democracy

89 In Doha, I struggle with my elitism

14 Goldstone bar mitzvah saga exposes moral decadence of Jewish leadership– and burgeoning universalism in the grassroots

179 Nobel Laureates: ‘We are all peace makers, and we believe that no amount of dialogue without economic pressure can motivate Israel to change’

April 27 2010

99 Israel has been ‘Arizona’ all along

64 Which has the better punchline?

60 Palestinians protest settler attacks in the occupied territories and inside Israel

158 Orientalism and Double Standards

10 UC divestment spreads – UC San Diego to vote on bill tomorrow

59 From the horse’s mouth

5 Berkeley student: ‘A vote in favor of the divestment bill is a small cry for common sense’

April 25 2010

284 Video footage shows Israel firing on nonviolent protest in Gaza

159 More on apartheid in Israel/Palestine

100 What South African Community Leaders Should Have Done – The Goldstone Scandal

April 24 2010

261 Earth Day in Israel: Apartheid Showing Through the Greenwash

47 Israeli leftist: Join us in our war against this fatal affliction, the occupation

30 Israelis shoot Maltese photographer as she films Gaza demonstration

80 Israel’s ‘guardian,’ Sen. Schumer says Gazans are suffering but they deserve it

38 Haber: BDS is about justice and self-determination, not one-state/two-state

270 Left roots need to make common cause with libertarian right on the issue

111 2 visiting Israeli crusaders lay the problem at the feet of American Jews

17 Goldstone will attend grandson’s bar mitzvah

April 23 2010

46 Brandeis students prepare to protest Michael Oren commencement speech

160 Report from Bil’in: ‘soldiers showed no discrimination with their firing, shooting directly at the faces of the protestors’

31 Barack Obama is speaking the language of Israel-firster Dennis Ross

April 22 2010

164 Clemons suggests that Schumer is representing Israel, not U.S.

21 Wiesel should stop offering celestial prescriptions for a city he doesn’t live in

103 BDS is a long term project with radically transformative potential

87 Goldstone Report said that Gaza remains occupied… why?

46 Judt says Holocaust is exploited for ‘uncompromising Israelophilia and… lachrymose self-regard’

28 Hafradah v apartheid, the story continues

25 Rashid Khalidi: Under Obama ‘there has been no real change in the fatally flawed policies of the U.S. in the region’

93 Goldstone: ‘I would dearly love to attend my grandson’s bar mitzvah’

185 Giraldi says senior Air Force adviser may have dual loyalty to Israel

14 Schakowsky says not a word about settlements in gushing over Israel

15 sincerity and showing-off

April 21 2010

95 Chicago hearing looks at the effect of US military aid to Israel

173 I think UN Partition vote happened this way, too

15 ‘TNR’s hit man on HRW likes to talk about Muslim birthrates

17 Treasury officials are sure cozy with Israel lobby

23 Minnesota students lock-down a Caterpillar plant, citing ‘ethnic cleansing’ and occupation

44 Finkelstein: Goldstone report marks the end of Jewish liberalism’s apologetics for Israel’s crimes

88 Rabbinic Letter to Goldstone: ‘your report is a clarion call to Israel and the Jewish people to awaken from the slumber of denial and return to the path of peace.’

31 Is this how it works? Yes, I think this is how it works

97 Haber: does BDS leadership seek ideological purity or a coalition?

25 Rabbi Hillel: ‘If not now, when?’ Rahm Emanuel: ‘Not now’

9 Margalit says Jerusalem must be internationalized (who is listening?)

53 Palestinians favor two-state, but one-state is surging

51 Gaza is coming home

9 Jacqueline Rose to speak tonight on Dreyfus case

April 20 2010

49 Let the American media and politicians and Jewish leadership blind themselves to this, too

22 Times’ Filkins declares Ahmadinejad our ‘archenemy’

15 Aaron David Miller says special relationship has become ‘exclusive’ and is damaging our interests

31 Why ‘hafrada’ shouldn’t replace apartheid in our discussions about Israel/Palestine

27 Walt and Mearsheimer just scratched the surface

52 Israel’s global standing continues downward spiral, but many don’t grasp why

26 How Ohio Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy learned to stop worrying and love the lobby

85 Maybe we should rename apartheid ‘hafrada’?

18 The not-so special relationship

173 What does it take to get liberal Zionists on board with BDS, and is it worth it?

71 Divestment makes Jews uncomfortable because it confronts them with facts that have been suppressed

29 On Israeli Independence Day, some Jews break the law of return

11 The internet is great for journalism, but it’s also destroying our lives

April 19 2010

98 Homogeneity in Israel causes culture shock to diversity after just 18 months

170 Realist Ian Lustick pulls out of Phila teach-in with ‘apartheid’ in title

33 Assessing Iran’s nuclear intentions

80 Israel is debated at California Democratic convention, Harman walks out in huff

15 Toronto threatens Pride march funding over apartheid comparison

15 Are there non-Jews in West Jerusalem?

26 Not a good time to be Martin Kramer, or a good time to be Harvard’s Weatherhead Center

46 Neocon identity project: they will always hate us, because we’re Jews

21 Have you heard of this outfit?

April 18 2010

208 Will the absurdity of Mamilla open people’s eyes?

45 The new nationalism

55 In ‘Greenberg,’ it’s the dick who plants trees in Israel

115 Netanyahu’s shtadlanim press Obama with same tired arguments

171 Will liberal Zionists come around to BDS?

April 17 2010

410 Groundbreaking Chicago Hearing to Ask : Does US Policy on Israel/Palestine uphold our values?

April 16 2010

199 The scene from Berkeley

44 On behalf of ‘the Jewish people,’ Chairman Ackerman is ‘appalled and utterly disgusted’ by Goldstone bar mitzvah bar

341 Wiesel to Obama: Laissez les bons temps rouler a Jerusalem

20 Former FL senator Graham regurgitates the talking points, in Beirut

139 Rabkin: We cannot have a rational approach to the peace process till we decouple the fate of Israel from the Jewish future

18 With friends like these . . .

39 UC Berkeley divestment vote–it isn’t over yet

12 South African rabbis: We didn’t pressure Goldstone, but if we did that’s OK

50 Khalidi: No Palestinian leader can accept this gerrymandered Jerusalem

107 Nice little obfuscation from Clinton

7 Blau case has a connection to the Goldstone report

30 Amid heckling, BBC pulls plug on ‘Jerusalem Quartet’

April 15 2010

65 Anti-divestment talking points: Avoid the facts and claim victimhood

36 Showdown for Human Rights in Berkeley

242 Right of return and international law– why the Clinton Parameters are a problem

72 Judge Goldstone barred from grandson’s bar mitzvah

22 The war among the Israelis over settlements

12 NYT: Obama ‘incensed’ by Netanyahu

April 14 2010

82 Follow the Berkeley divestment debate live

279 ‘Forward’: Finkelstein has a ‘disease’

52 My mother, the infiltrator

66 The West Bank expulsion order is merely the latest step in a long process

120 What a sleek, modern ethnic-cleansing operation looks like

17 Bedouin youths on a hike apparently have no right to exist

April 13 2010

81 Judith Butler joins Chomsky, Tutu, Klein and a growing chorus worldwide in support of Berkeley divestment

63 We should support Israel because — er, well, they have pretty soldiers

22 The nuclear paradox

13 ‘A serious newspaper should not confuse Jews and Zionists’

184 Propagandistic anti-Semitism report raises The Linkage Issue

263 ‘The Nakba was our doing’

14 Polish-Russian experience shows how hard it is to accept an empowered other

16 Never ceases to fascinate me

8 Where is the full-page letter in the NYT signed by prominent Jews supporting Obama re settlements?

April 12 2010

81 Kam affair reflects Israel’s post-Goldstone ‘crisis of legitimacy’

76 This sounds racist to me, does it to you?

25 Guess who’s coming to (Shabbat) dinner?

49 Sea change: ‘Huffpo’ bannered Palestinian flag

12 Loewenstein Gaza doc is on Australian national radio

88 Reflections on the value of respect

31 Israeli activists to J Street: ‘stop trying to gain political capital at the expense of dedicated peace activists’

22 Suddenly in vogue, book banning spreads to Canada

18 Cohen on Poland

5 Neocons need not apply

1 Kafka’s Apartheid

1 Your chance to see and hear Eyad al-Sarraj

40 ‘This is a racist state in which savages do what they want’

14 91 Democratic congresspeople need a little space on the special relationship

3 Weighing Obama, ‘FP’ allows the Israel lobby to put its thumb on the scale

April 11 2010

86 Grossman: occupation is carnivorous plant ‘slowly consuming every good part’ of Israel

28 A night-flower by any other name would smell as obnoxious

27 Packer-Ramadan in OT

285 Emulating the perpetrators of terror

10 ‘NYT’ says religion on the Supreme Court doesn’t matter

15 Blau accused of trying to publish expose of Cast Lead ahead of time (if only!)

169 New Israeli military order on ‘lawful permits’ would seem to allow expulsion of all West Bank Palestinians

53 IDF to turn dogs loose on Palestinian kids who throw stones

30 1 out of 4 Israeli scholars work here

131 Tutu: Issue is the same in Palestine as it was in South Africa, ‘equality’

18 Finkelstein is on the road

April 10 2010

72 Eldar summons ‘hundreds’ more Anat Kams to save Israel from itself

73 Obama imposed ‘peace plan’ would deny basic Palestinian rights

53 Now think of all the U.S. synagogues with banners saying, ‘We support Israel in its quest for peace’

4 Scottish minister is talking BDS

46 Israel is a society in crisis

321 A ‘constellation of Jewish groups’ (J Street to David Project) seeks to block any accountability for cruel occupation

55 The lobby squirts squid-ink at Steve Walt

55 Neocon offers disinformation about Occupation in ‘LA Times’

April 9 2010

96 The Cooper Union question: Was Arab anti-Semitism the same as Nazi anti-Semitism?

10 Neocons take over Buckley’s inheritance

137 Ambushing the ambiguity

17 J’aime Paul Berman beaucoups

206 Is the US getting ready to push Israel to declare its nuclear status?

18 Brave Palestinian journalist arrested for filming protests

130 Blau-Kamm case exposes the dark underbelly of Israel’s security state

21 Packer’s criticism of Ramadan recalls his mentor’s hazing of Chomsky

114 Tariq Ramadan and American Jewish identity

6 CSM prints piece calling for parallel state structures on one land

5 Sea change: Bloomberg ‘Business Weekly’ runs piece calling for an end to Israel’s aid

1 Sullivan’s travails

April 8 2010

36 Liberal internationalism, in a shambles, meets Tariq Ramadan tonight in NY

64 A presidential death warrant

388 Does anyone over there really wants the 2SS?

129 Israelis and their US mouthpieces push back on ‘imposed solution’

125 All the nukes that’s fit to print

April 7 2010

32 NYT protects Israel on ‘live ammunition’ charge

94 What settlements look like

58 Gaza shows, Israel is main threat to peace in region — Erdogan

30 ‘NYT’ distorts history of nonviolent resistance

12 Look in the mirror Avigdor

14 ‘USA Today’ opposes Israeli colonization of E. Jerusalem

231 Realists get traction (Brzezinski and Scowcroft have Obama’s ear)

166 Fox News says Israel owns Jerusalem

9 Blumenthal likens Kamm to Ellsberg; Judy Miller says she ‘may have done a very, very bad thing’

April 6 2010

35 Some Israeli bloggers have taken down their posts re Anat Kam

77 Judt’s Algeria story suggests that years of civil war may lie before us

48 The ‘Beita’ incident of 1988 shines lasting light on a cruel Occupation and its halfhearted coverage

7 Tariq Ali is coming to NY to speak about ‘Obama’s War’

16 CSM runs piece bluntly describing Jim Crow in Israel

6 Israeli gag order

12 What would Foxman and the NYT say if a prominent media figure went around proudly calling Axelrod a ‘Jewboy’?

15 Barghouthi: ‘the day of student engagement against Jim Crow is coming’

28 Failure to stifle Sullivan represents great turning-point

12 Gazan students praise Atwood’s feminism and leftism and ask her not to go to Tel Aviv

12 Dual loyalty issue

April 5 2010

36 Air strikes on Gazan cheese factory is a reprise of ‘Cast Lead’

23 Hey, Rep Kirk’s got to hide his Israel love away

23 Shocking Baghdad video echoes Goldstone’s Gaza mantra: deliberate attacks on civilians

65 When will the NYT’s admirable coverage of the Catholic scandal

33 ‘Night’-time for Barack

18 Pinkwashing doesn’t fly in SFO

51 Someone should tell CNN’s Crowley that Israel is an occupier

23 ‘Sunday Times’ (UK) corrects its neocon attack on Human Rights Watch

9 The Israel lobby’s curious defense of an alleged Somali war criminal

25 Falk says there is a ‘legitimacy war’ and Israel is losing it

April 4 2010

57 Lawrence Wright plays it safe on Gaza

17 MSM covers argument at Seder table over the enslavement of the– [P word]

9 At my seder, I remember a victim of the ‘Special’

29 The movement to hold Israel accountable continues to grow

59 Levy challenges his leaders to declare their territorial goals

34 Lady Gaga and the Middle East

33 Lonely planet: Rep. Brain Baird once walked out of AIPAC during Netanyahu speech

April 3 2010

136 ‘Simpsons’ go to the ‘happiest place on earth’

31 Netanyahu heritage declaration is all about annexation of territory

44 A Palestinian-American discovers that the State Department allows Israel to define his national identity

63 When Israel invaded Lebanon, Americans died

13 Latest neocon talking point: Obama hates ALL America’s friends, not just you-know-who

April 2 2010

64 AIPAC: We make sure that pro-Israel candidates ‘take over’ government

20 Destruction of Gazan cheese factory continues pattern Goldstone found illegal

19 Two Palestinians are killed in a demo–but only Israelis count as witnesses

8 Meet the Coindinistas

16 RoR + J&S = 1SS

13 Ed Koch likens Obama to the Gestapo

3 FT: America is sleeping

41 When will Israeli crackdown on ‘Haaretz’ make the news?

91 Damned as anti-Semite, Geo Marshall predicted that Israel would become US tarbaby

April 1 2010

27 Washington wipes the neocon cobwebs from its eyes

32 What is the fate of 15-year-old Mohammed al-Faramawi?

20 Kramer gave Harvard a black eye

5 TNR says, ‘Talk to Hamas’

16 Museum of desecration project

33 Judt: ‘de-legitimization issue is a fraud’

68 ‘NYT’ should get suicide-terror expert Pape to talk about ‘Palestinian resistance’

33 Special relationships rarely last forever

13 I wonder, wonder who–who wrote the book of terror

17 Hey it’s one state, relax and enjoy it!

10 ‘Code Pink’ leads ‘Stolen Beauty’ protests in NY

36 Passover, meet ‘Land Day’

25 Ultra Zionism is the meat-n-potatoes of the MSM

6 philo-semitic Seder

20 Why are they singling out the Catholic church?