TNR says, ‘Talk to Hamas’

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The true sign of the poverty of American journalism. It takes the New Republic and an Israeli hawk to run an important piece urging Israel to talk to Hamas, that’s where any deal lies. So, where has the American left been? The Democratic Party? Deferring to conventional Jewish opinion, that’s where; deferring to the lobby. Piece is authored by Efraim Halevy, former head of the Mossad and national security adviser to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

Remember that in Iraq our Democratic politicians said that we had to talk to the terrorists, it is a political dispute; but here they are mute. Imagine if Petraeus said, Talk to Hamas! Why isn’t Chris Matthews pushing on this all the time? Because he’s scared to say a word out of school.

And here’s a comment from the New Republic site:

This discussion belongs in Hebrew in Israel. It does not belong in English abroad. One suspect Halevy moves the discussion here because he has failed to convince the Israeli polity and wishes, like J-Street, to circumvent that failure by using foreigners to over-ride Israeli democracy.

That’s another window on the Israel lobby. Don’t disagree in front of the goyim. h/t James North.

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