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‘TNR’s hit man on HRW likes to talk about Muslim birthrates

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The forthcoming New Republic, not yet available online, has a hit job on Human Rights Watch written by Benjamin Birnbaum. I am told this is the same Ben Birnbaum who wrote for the Cornell Sun a few years ago:

Lastly and most controversially, European nations must slow the relative growth of their Muslim minorities by diversifying their sources of immigration beyond the Muslim world and creating incentives for their women to, um, start making babies again.

That last part sounded bad, I know.

The Islamic Republic of France sounds worse to me.

Or there’s this jokey-joke about that funny topic, torture:

"There are those, though, who believe that any pressure to make someone talk constitutes torture. It’s shocking to hear what some so-called human rights groups include in the category: Sleep deprivation? Exposure to cold
temperatures?? Loud rap music??? That’s not torture — that’s a Saturday night at Cornell!"

Birnbaum won a hasbara prize as an undergraduate. Zionism continues its war on Jewish intelligence, abetted by that leader of intellectuals, Marty Peretz. 

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