‘CSM’ questions Israel’s Iran paranoia, thereby breaking MSM taboo

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The Christian Science Monitor and reporter Scott Peterson do what the rest of our media ought to do, and examine the obsession with Iran in Israel as an irrational and Holocaust-related phobia, which distracts Israel from the true existential threat, governance over half its population that does not get a vote. When will the Israel-philes in the big press even lift the carpet on this stuff?

“Iran is perhaps the most central issue [in Israel], yet there is really no critical debate about this," says [author Haggai] Ram. "The people who would rather run against the grain are really a minority. Whenever they speak up – and I say this out of personal experience – they are immediately rendered into these bizarre self-defeating, self-hating Jews, and seen as a fifth column.”

“The idea is that we have no other choice, they want to destroy us,” says Reuven Pedatzur, academic director of a center for strategic dialogue at Netanya Academic College, of the Israeli mindset. “It’s a cultural issue, based on the Holocaust, that everybody wants to destroy the Jewish people."

Israeli analysts often describe how the Jewish state “needs” an outside enemy to justify continued oppression against the Palestinians and one of the largest per capita defense budgets in the Middle East.

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