Emily Henochowicz was shot while holding Turkish flag

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Today’s Washington Post report on Emily Henochowicz, 21, the Cooper Union art student blinded in one eye by the Israeli army on May 31, includes this account:

demonstrators who witnessed the incident said the canister was fired directly at Henochowicz from about 10 to 15 yards away. She was holding a Turkish flag and was not near the five or so Palestinian youths throwing rocks, the witnesses said.

I thought the flag in the famous picture by Majdi Mohammed was a Palestinian flag. No: It was a Turkish flag. The demonstration was a response to the disastrous flotilla raid during the preceding night. Is that why the Israelis fired at her?


The Post piece included an ugly characterization of International Solidarity Movement, which Henochowicz was active in (as was Rachel Corrie):

The group says it’s committed to using only "nonviolent, direct action methods" in "resisting the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land." The Israeli Foreign Ministry, however, has said the ISM sometimes works under the auspices of terrorist groups.

That’s outrageous, what’s their evidence? There isn’t any. Or is Israel talking about the Turkish flag?

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