In ‘WaPo’, Obama administration distances itself from Israeli raid

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Key new data point: The Washington Post has a piece (by Glenn Kessler and Scott Wilson) saying that the US repeatedly told Israel to use "caution and restraint" with flotilla and Israel ignored the advice. The significance of the piece is that the Obama administration is leaking this to the Post, distancing itself from Israel. Does this mean Obama is determined to bring down the Netanyahu gov’t?

Comments lobewiper at the Post:

The revelation that the US government cautioned the Israelis prior to the attack on the convoy is a major problem for the latter. Doing what they did even after having been repeatedly warned to use restraint makes them appear to be out of control and a danger to world peace (which they may well be). That they did not heed the warning of their principal ally and that their ally has now disclosed this to the rest of the world is a major public relations disaster and will prompt a landslide of further criticism. This revelation shows that our government (finally!) is about to take off the gloves in dealing with the Israelis. Our government is not about to let NATO self-destruct over this!

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