Israeli discourse on Gaza flotilla makes our press look poodle

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I haven’t seen anything like this in the Times or the Washington Post. Uri Avnery’s column likening raid to the raid on the Exodus in ’47 ran in Israel’s second largest paper:

[Gaza flotilla disaster] is Chapter 2 of “Cast Lead”. Then we aroused most countries in the world against us, shocked our few friends and gladdened our enemies. Now we have done it again, and perhaps with even greater success. World public opinion is turning against us.

This is a slow process. It resembles the accumulation of water behind a dam. The water rises slowly, quietly, and the change is hardly noticeable. But when it reaches a critical level, the dam bursts and the disaster is upon us. We are steadily approaching this point.

Update. Robert Mackey at the Times did run the Exodus comparison in his superb lede blog. I’m talking about the frank diagnoses of Israel’s crisis of the soul that Avnery is able to express.

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