‘NYT’ reporter who grooved on Jewish terrorism made Chomsky out to be ‘self-hating’ nut

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In the same piece in the NYT Magazine in which she glows that the days of Jewish terrorism were "romantic," reporter Deborah Solomon serves up several softball questions to Tzipi Livni. And this at a time when Israel is approaching a crisis stemming from many facts– oh, that half the population it governs are not represented by its government, that the world is sick of Israel’s murderous behavior and Livni has lost some freedom to travel out of fear of being indicted, that even U.S. Jewry is beginning to leave the stadium. But things seem pretty darn good in this interview, which offers the usual piety about the two-state solution, and no mention of the fact that two of Livni’s former fellow gov’t ministers have warned about apartheid.

Compare Solomon’s Livni interview with this bit of her interview of Noam Chomsky in 2003:

But, unlike many reconstructed leftists, you have not changed your political views one iota since the 60’s. For instance, you have remained a vocal critic of Israel.

I objected to the founding of Israel as a Jewish state. I don’t think a Jewish or Christian or Islamic state is a proper concept. I would object to the United States as a Christian state.

Your father was a respected Hebraic scholar, and sometimes you sound like a self-hating Jew.

It is a shame that critics of Israeli policies are seen as either anti-Semites or self-hating Jews. It’s grotesque. If an Italian criticized Italian policies, would he be seen as a self-hating Italian?

Have you ever been psychoanalyzed?

I do not think psychoanalysis has a scientific basis. If we can’t explain why a cockroach decides to turn left, how can we explain why a human being decides to do something?

Notice the suggestion that reconstructed leftists are supposed to embrace Israel… Very 2003.

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