‘Pigs for Palestine’

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Just look at this amazing post by Cecilie Surasky from a demo against the flotilla raid outside the San Francisco Jewish Community Federation the other day.

You will see a lot of Jews protesting Israel’s actions silently, and look at the response. It’s not considered, it’s fearful and angry and hateful. There are numerous threats against the demonstrators. There is the Animal Farm scream that is in my headline, repeated and repeated. As Max Blumenthal says, American Zionism is turning into a tea party. This is exactly like the screaming I noticed at our silent demo outside the Waldorf IDF fundraiser back in March. The fervent lobby has lost its solid rank and file. It is left with the fringe.

We are winning: the truth is getting out, and people understand that the status quo is not just "unsustainable" (Biden), it is unconscionable.

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