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July 31 2010

41 The back-of-the-envelope history of the Anti-Defamation League

150 Does Israelo-fascism exist?

11 ‘And along come the Israelis and knock their house down’

22 Foxman plays Holocaust card

11 The children whose spirit a siege couldn’t break

31 I felt alone till I heard about the Jewish boat to Gaza
Lillian Rosengarten

40 Why did a Democratic congressman’s aide speak of ‘Jewish money’?

July 30 2010

92 ‘ADL’ statement rationalizing bigotry draws wide scorn

9 A Palestinian’s field of vegetables destroyed by settlers at night, and other news from

71 From Shatila Camp– What does the right of return mean in 2010?

39 The disconnect

51 I’m going back to Gaza

25 Some Israelis celebrate what Bernadotte’s murder achieved

23 ‘TNR’ calls for more civilian casualties

19 The rich tapestry of Israeli apartheid

101 cognitive dissonance on Jewish power

2 Not a Palestinian to be seen in W. Post piece on Occupied West Bank

70 Sabbath in Jerusalem

July 29 2010

61 Israeli police working with settlers to occupy Palestinian home in the heart of Jerusalem’s Old City

15 Fida Qishta’s film about Gaza

66 ‘a bad country’

22 In ‘FT,’ Oxford chancellor calls on EU to step in before strangulation of Palestine leads to ‘further disaster’

34 Bacevich: US and Israel are only democracies that see war as the answer

6 Co-op boycott: ‘When our own government encourages conflict it is time for common people to step in’

10 Palestinians expelled from home of 70 years by settlers in Jerusalem’s Old City

4 Facing annexation, the West Bank village of al-Walaja looks to ‘Budrus’ for inspiration

74 Bay Area billboards ‘thank’ the US for Israel’s blank check

8 The ethnic cleansing of Palestine, part II

19 Neo-con view (this time on Turkey) still heard loud and clear in Washington

20 My sister-in-law takes me to the woodshed

July 28 2010

82 The ethnic cleansing of Palestine

93 Birthright travel diary: ‘Outing’ myself on a kibbutz

62 It is only Palestine

12 Penn State Prez punts on Palestine petition

9 Oxfam: Palestinian village & nearly $30,000 of aid destroyed by Israeli military

23 Treason, loyalty oaths, Nakba and film bans– counting down the hits in the Knesset

44 Feeling pre-war uneasiness

36 Indyk: Obama backed off because of campaign money

30 Barak: Images of Palestinian suffering replace Holocaust memories

July 27 2010

22 Notice the pattern in the Israeli stories?

22 Mort Zuckerman: U.S. occupations stink, but Israel’s is great

124 Nema Abu Said, a 33-year-old mother of five, killed in Gaza flechette attack

167 Jeremy Ben-Ami’s main argument against BDS is it doesn’t affirm Israel’s right to exist as Jewish homeland

9 Ten years after Camp David, Palestinian capital in Jerusalem is ‘a fantasy’

48 Busloads of civilians cheer as Israelis uproot Bedouin village of 200

28 Hoo-ha: Conservative British P.M. calls Gaza a ‘prison camp’

14 Dangerous argument

July 26 2010

128 1000s of Israeli police said to be evacuating/erasing historical Bedouin village

23 Israelis kill an American. No story here

4 Repeat: Israelis kill an American. No story here

23 Hearts and minds, and tumors

94 L.A. Times: ‘Many’ Palestinians ‘prefer the one-state solution’

75 Ehud Barak threatens Lebanon with ‘Dahiya doctrine’ in case of new war

95 The Israeli rape-by-deception verdict

16 Caterpillar is tied to ‘one of the ugliest stories in occupation’

5 Today in Palestine: ‘pricetag’ riots and radical rabbis in the West Bank

10 Slate anti-BDS article reveals shortsighted view of the conflict

12 Revising Moshe Dayan

11 IDF report confirming Goldstone’s key findings is suppressed inside Israel

12 Progressive Brian Lehrer channels intolerant rightwingers in grilling a Muslim leader

2 But the Jewish state politicized Jewish (and non-Jewish) identity long ago

10 Obama’s philosemitic network reflects the new establishment

July 25 2010

42 Wikileaks blows the cover off the war in Afghanistan

31 Facebook prohibits the word ‘Palestinian’

39 Jacob Weisberg sees the power of BDS, and is scared

19 Israeli BDS bill would turn opponents of the regime into enemies of the state
Yossi Gurvitz

83 Let the apologies to Goldstone begin

148 Freeman says special friendship has damaged US ‘values… influence, leadership, credibility’
Chas Freeman

56 Service with meaning– the IDF

26 Al-Awda: two-state solution would only prolong oppression

30 Haaretz: Sheikh Yassin would have cut deal for statehood

July 24 2010

75 The new mixed-Jewish establishment

8 Couldn’t ‘Commentary’ go with the non-Zionist flow?

129 Israel destroyed the USS Liberty, OK. But what was the motive?

49 Smear tactics show that lobby is losing power in discourse

8 Today, no problem

July 23 2010

78 ‘Brown Man’s Burden’ of 1899 was prescient

61 Did State Department official get his Zionist swill about Lincoln from mytho-historian Michael Oren?

9 I worry about what Don Graham, EJ Dionne, and David Ignatius owe ‘seminal’ Marty Peretz

0 Unarmed Palestinians killed, unarmed protesters attacked, olive trees destroyed… just another Today in Palestine

38 Aslan says 2-state solution is dead, and Indyk calls him a liar

20 By TNR’s lights, George W Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld are liberals too!

13 Ameer Makhoul’s day in court

37 Artist who lost eye to IDF sings, Palestinians are experiencing a holocaust
Susie Kneedler and Phil Weiss

4 ADL: Diaspora Jews get a vote on Knesset conversion bill

July 22 2010

32 Poor schmuck Harvey Pekar– gets to be censored on Israel posthumously!

40 ‘Debate’ in PA Senate race is over who loves Israel more

44 Hitchens rails against Occupation

71 Message to Israelis who oppose BDS – go to Bil’in and see for yourself

72 Inside the Cosmetics convention, Ahava boss denies the Occupation

13 Today in Palestine: Palestinian attacked for talking to a Jew

48 Beyond a ‘strategic liability’–the special relationship has made the U.S. ugly

30 Presbyterian engagement on Israel/Palestine creates ‘new rules’ for relationship with the Jewish community

3 TIAA-CREF is the most ambitious divestment campaign yet

9 TNR: Neoconservatives are liberals

13 Israel lobby targets another CNN correspondent

18 ‘Tablet’ is mobbed up with neocons

July 21 2010

128 New battleline: ‘Tablet’ calls ‘anti-Israel’ blogs ‘agents of influence’

20 Birthright travel diary: Arriving in Tel Aviv

19 TIAA-CREF divestment campaign finds strong support among shareholders

36 Paul Berman’s hidden agenda

15 Bil’in leader sentenced to two months in prison for protesting

10 IDF destroys West Bank village after declaring it military zone

100 Israeli report on shootings of ’4 civilians’ fails to state that they were three sisters, 3, 5, and 9, and their grandmother

31 Netanyahu moves ahead on taking Jordan Valley

July 20 2010

44 During the time of the siege

287 One-state debate explodes myth about the Zionist left

3 Why I’m fasting on Tisha B’av

10 Orphans and cataracts– IHH is a charity

32 In an effort to combat BDS, the JCRC doubles down on the occupation

4 Closing the settlement loophole

35 Israel on Tish’a B’Av, 2010

7 Getting to one state

3 Today in Palestine: 1:30 a.m. raid with 12 Jeeps nets… 17-year-old Palestinian

18 When is the ‘Times’ going to run a furious piece about Knesset bills that discriminate against Palestinians?

34 Israeli Shabak interrogates Israeli activist over BDS & Bil’in protests

12 Israeli right wants to talk about the Nakba

6 Shouldn’t reporters and Op-Ed pages seek out Walt & Mearsheimer’s opinion of Iran war push?

2 Abunimah: transformative visions often come from the right

7 Deja vu: new neocon shop in Paris and London calls Israel the West’s ‘front line’ against chaos

July 19 2010

10 Olympia Food Co-op removes Israeli products from shelves

17 Hebron settler on motorbike rams 11-year-old Palestinian boy and soldiers kill Gaza mom who goes into ‘buffer zone’ to fetch her two-year-old

44 60 years ago, first Defense Sec’y said ‘Zionist pressure’ endangered US security, all the way to Afghanistan

16 Neocon front orgs

60 Qualitative Military Edge — another name for US-backed Israeli brutality

239 Hillary Clinton says we need more intermarriage

6 Nargila ban distracts attention from ethnic cleansing

43 For ‘Birthright’ tourists, hill above Gaza is fun like the Grand Canyon

5 Demonizing Mississippi

July 18 2010

36 Obama aide dodges Syrian ambassador on Israeli nukes and Medea Benjamin on ‘special relationship’

7 Today in Palestine: bulldozed homes, and loyalty oaths

18 Gideon Levy warns that Israeli ‘regime’ is likely ‘doomed’

18 The American street is wising up

15 Fisk: Obama ‘grovelling’ to Israel lobby for midterms

July 17 2010

58 Brief notes on the emerging right-wing one-state solution

273 ‘The world won’t say a thing’– Netanyahu on ongoing Israeli expansion
Dena Shunra and Phil Weiss

12 One-state Palestinian thinktank says, We cannot wait for Israel to shape our future

38 Obama aide says John Adams supported idea of Israel, and Lincoln too!

July 16 2010

61 ‘America is a thing you can move very easily’ (said Netanyahu)

29 Avnery: Not a single Jewish MK defended Haneen Zoabi (whose family goes back centuries in Nazareth)

24 NYT Ties Turkish Group to ‘Terrorism’–by Mixing It Up With a Different Group

16 Speculation about extending settlement ‘freeze’ is irrelevant

90 ‘Arab villages get bus routes’
Rahim Kurwa

38 ‘Emergency Committee for Israel’ is housed in ‘Liberation of Iraq’ offices

25 Sec’y Clinton seems to equate criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism

23 more casual racism

59 Few Palestinians are listening to the western debate over non-violence

July 15 2010

55 The Israeli right wing and the one state debate

10 Isabel Kershner misleads on Israel’s ‘far-reaching proposal’

17 JTA features five-month-old poll to remind us how much Americans used to support Israel

22 Congress finally stands up to Israel – over Jewish conversion?!

48 Hirst: Lobby’s bigotry and disdain for US interests mean its days are numbered

3 Israeli activists ‘bring the blindfolded’ to the Jerusalem Film Fest

42 Dialogue re Kristof, non-violence, and stones
Matthew Taylor and Phil Weiss

3 Today in Palestine: Israelis rip up irrigation system of six Palestinian families’ land in West Bank

29 Report: Israelis got included in planning US attack because they threatened to whack Iran

3 Pol seeks a franchise from the Israel lobby

5 Rep Weiner’s pet org awards student prizes for propaganda about Jewish religious right to West Bank

July 14 2010

62 ‘Bulletin of Atomic Scientists’ says violent resistance is natural response of people humiliated by collective punishment

33 Politico’s Mike Allen lends legitimacy to neocon smear org

295 Jews are fleeing a Swedish city– why?

13 Anti-BDS bill makes its way through the Knesset

19 ‘NYT’ ‘authorizes’ an atrocity

6 The myth of West Bank prosperity: ‘A Lexus is no substitute for individual freedom and dignity’

59 They asked for it

July 13 2010

35 J Street campaign, and Central Fund letter, show ‘Times’ settlement article hit a nerve

26 Schumer heckled for ‘strangulation’ comments at Brooklyn concert

65 Presbyterians insist on ‘breaking down the walls’ in Israel/Palestine despite pressure from the Jewish community

26 Israel still can’t prove their version of the flotilla attack

25 Good flotilla, bad flotilla: The Libyan ship approaches… or does it?

21 Israel (inadvertently) admits it broke law in raiding flotilla

15 Surprisingly truthful ‘Fox News’ report on Jerusalem

31 Why I’m voting for Eisenhower over Obama

0 Today in Palestine: Settlement and appropriation continue unabated in E. Jerusalem and Hebron Hills

4 An American writer sees the Occupation for the first time

54 Israeli whitewasher on flotilla inquiry once called for ‘suffering of 100s of 1000s of people’

15 DJ NYT brings the bling, and spins one for the ladies in the house tonight!

11 US threatens cuts in aid to its Arab friends, why not its Jewish one?

202 Frum and Feith’s Holocaust statements are politically loaded and too terse

4 Washington Post forgets to quote the Israeli government’s line

4 From a corporate perspective, there is no Green Line

14 the Arab world is filled with conspiracy theories about the Israel lobby

July 12 2010

59 In ‘NYT,’ commenters brand Israel ‘fascist’

55 NYT’s Mackey questions whether Partition is possible

9 U.S. gov’t record label offers IDF album and many other hymns to Zionism

40 ‘CNN’ gives platform to latest neocon astroturf war-with-Iran group

21 It just gets worse

5 Who will take the BDS world cup?

0 New electric fence in al-Walajah will cage the village ‘like zoo animals’

40 David Grossman manhandled at Sheik Jarrah protest

152 Leveretts shout, Israel and the lobby are pushing us to war with Iran

23 Republicans finally divide over neocon Rx of permanent war

31 Those backward Muslims

2 In Kashmir context, ‘NYT’ doesn’t even quote Indian gov’t claims

July 11 2010

161 Returning to the right of return

24 In the ‘clash of civilizations’, Israeli accountability means Western accountability

44 It’s not India

6 Both Spain and South Africa put long, oppressive chapters behind them

19 Slater responds to the ‘Obamaphilia’ charge

53 A poem for my mother

23 Revolving border: AIPAC works with Netanyahu to set colonization policy in W Bank

18 If you look at anything on this site–

13 British judge says Gaza is ‘hell on earth’ and jury acquits activists of damaging arms factory

July 10 2010

74 Toy Israeli houses for Italian kids, destroyed homes for Palestinian children

87 Beinart says he was silent for years out of deference to friends

33 Obama got it once. Krauthammer never will

23 Barney Frank wants to cut military aid everywhere but, unh, hummina hummina hummina

8 Daniel Schorr waltzes with Bibi

6 32 faculty, 200+ students sign Penn State petition condemning flotilla raid

90 notes on my racism (part 1)

July 9 2010

146 Note to Kristof: Palestinians don’t need Israeli tutelage with nonviolent protest

22 JFK threatened to abandon Israel over nukes
John Haines

31 Pastel settlers

30 NYT’s Roger Cohen valorizes ‘Palestinian national struggle’

0 Today in Palestine: Palestinian healthcare paralyzed by separation wall

63 Obama’s kicking can down the road because he can’t save Israel even if he tried

4 ‘NYT’ announces terms of peace deal

24 The Jewish tragedy: Scientific community fosters censorship after showing of ‘Occupation 101′

117 Mearsheimer: Israel has used ‘nuclear coercion’ to force U.S.’s hand

29 Milbank column damning ‘Israel lobby’ elicits swift tirade from Camera

10 U.S. ignorance about Palestinian conditions is very, very dangerous

July 8 2010

21 Chas Freeman to go ten rounds with Israel lobbyist at Nixon Center

9 NYT can’t find a Palestinian for forum on US-Israel relationship

21 JFK was first

36 ‘Haaretz’ says Obama caved because Netanyahu applied ‘hidden pressure’ in Chicago

24 Nasr firing is yet another shameful capitulation to the lobby

2 ‘Birthright’ trip visits occupied Hebron, w/ nationalist tourguide celebrating ‘our right to the land’

11 Zionists rebuffed by Bay Area longshore workers

14 Canard alert: Obama ‘propelled’ to Senate by Jews?

11 Is Gideon Levy against a binational state?

1 16-Year Old Arrested, Fined After Being Shot By Settler

10 Ringo wisdom

July 7 2010

109 Wash. Post column suggests that discovering the ‘Israel lobby’ now helps careers, doesn’t hurt em

24 Thaddeus Russell defends his piece on Israel’s dangerousness
Thaddeus Russell

4 Today in Palestine: Only democracy in Middle East will finally allow…. newspapers into Gaza

51 ‘Times’ prints call for ethnic cleansing of Palestinians

108 Viral IDF dancing video unwittingly reveals reality in Hebron

31 Obama’s confused identity

17 Meg Ryan & Dustin Hoffman pass on Israeli film fest after flotilla attack

21 Big push begins for war on Iran

23 Maybe the ‘Times’ reporter in Jerusalem shouldn’t be best friends with Charles Bronfman?

3 BBC buries the bitter

2 Another reason to read the Goldstone Report

July 6 2010

32 The ‘Times’ finally covers settler funding in the US, but there is still much to tell

69 Memo to American Jews: Discover the Nakba

2 Today in Palestine: June photos from Har Homa show ‘settlement freeze’ is a joke

37 Oh no

9 Russell: ‘on the verge of a major shift in thinking re Zionism’

210 Petraeus emails show general scheming with journalist to get out pro-Israel storyline

171 Nonviolence and the struggle for Palestinian-Israeli equality

69 One small reason why I support the Right of Return

13 Wilkerson says Feith and Wurmser were ‘working for Israel’ (as others in US gov’t are now)

32 Makdisi in Houston Chronicle: Americans must confront the dispossession of Arabs in ’48

12 Henochowicz suggests Israelis use human shields

10 ‘Daily Beast’ piece says Israel’s ‘perpetual wartime’ endangers the U.S.

2 ‘New Republic’s literary editor is compelled to dirty his hands in Iran war effort

8 When will Americans see our July 4 liberation story in others’ struggles?

3 Yonatan Shapira sprays ‘Free Gaza’ on Warsaw Ghetto wall

4 Public radio covers Silwan – as an argument among Jews

1 Today in Palestine: Firing percussion grenades at children

2 We’re more like George III’s England than revolutionary America

9 Could you look at that piece in the ‘Times’ on the soldier who lost all his limbs?

1 How do you hit Reset on Gaza (without hitting Reset on Partition itself)?

July 5 2010

4 Lebanese civil rights bill for Palestinian refugees presents a chance for unity

31 Israel window-dresses the blockade, but nothing really changes

July 2 2010

62 New Yorkers protest Tzipi Livni despite hidden location

41 Today in Palestine: 1 in 4 Gazan children go without breakfast

45 Flotilla fallout: What exactly was the U.S. role?

10 Newspapers waffle on ‘torture’ and ‘occupation’

83 My beautiful country

July 1 2010

31 Palestinian journalist left ‘NYT’ because of ‘taint’ of Jerusalem correspondent’s son joining IDF

61 Dithering is the last refuge of the apologist

41 Charlie Rose gets it wrong on 2006 Palestinian elections

24 Knesset West

25 Barak: Israel invaded Lebanon to kibosh Palestinian state in West Bank

31 CNN on the growing cultural boycott

21 Palestinian member of Knesset calls arrest of legislator in J’lem ‘ethnic cleansing’

32 UK BDS vote includes call to review ‘whether Zionism is compatible with Methodist beliefs’

32 Petraeus braintrust says ‘pragmatic’ and representative Hamas must be included in Palestinian gov’t

56 Nicholas Kristof: ‘The occupation is morally repugnant’

40 Franken and Kagan rest on Thurgood Marshall’s laurels

8 Thomas Friedman caricatures the Palestinian position

10 Watching Iara Lee’s ‘Israeli attack on the Mavi Marmara’