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This is funny. Oliver Stone recently disparaged Jewish domination of the media and the Israel lobby’s effect on foreign policy, and was compelled to apologize. Compelled? 

Well here, in the LA Times, are Ari Emanuel and Haim Saban putting pressure on Showtime to blacklist Oliver Stone because of his comments. Here’s neocon wildman Ron Radosh‘s summary:  

[Abe] Foxman was at first not satisfied with Stone’s apology. “Oliver Stone’s apology stops short and is therefore insufficient,” he said. Of course, Foxman was correct. Then, the ante was upped. Most important, the wealthy media mogul Haim Saban, chair of the Saban Capital Group, remarked that his “apology is sooooo transparently fake.” He then contacted CBS chief Leslie Moonves, whose network owns Showtime, urging him to not air the program. Stone, Saban said, “has been consistent in his anti-American and anti-Semitic remarks,” and should join “Mel Gibson into the land of retirement.” Following his example, the powerful agent Ari Emanuel called CBS to second Saban’s request to cancel the documentary.

Moonves is Jewish by the way. Ari Emanuel is of course the brother of Rahm Emanuel, chief of staff to Obama. Haim Saban is one of the largest givers to the Democratic Party.

Oh and yes: Jews are outsiders in American life. My parents explained that to me a long time ago.

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