Israel on Tish’a B’Av, 2010

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The video above was sent to us by an Israeli activist who goes by the name gangreentv. They also sent this explanation:

Today is Tish’a B’Av, the day on the Hebrew calendar that Jews all over the world commemorate the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem because of baseless hatred. So it’s especially ironic that his past week we witnessed no less than FOUR new laws proposed and passed in the Israeli Knesset that are outrageously anti-democratic in nature:

  1. Stripping an Arab parliamentarian of her privileges for her non-violent activism
  2. Narrowly defining who is considered a Jew, and therefore able to access state privileges
  3. Requiring a loyalty oath to a supremacist ideology in order to receive state privileges
  4. Criminalizing free speech that advocates divestment from the occupation

Under these circumstances, it is nearly impossible to not feel inexorably swept towards total fascism. Combining the dystopic art of local artist Yosi Even Kama with the video for the Flobots’ song "Handlebars" approaches a sense of the fear and frustration that the peace and justice camp is currently experiencing in Israel.

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