One-state Palestinian thinktank says, We cannot wait for Israel to shape our future

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takamol2A few weeks back, our Jerusalem correspondent, Anees, reported that signs were popping up in Ramallah promoting the one-state solution– one of them is above. The group behind the signs was "Takamol," but Anees could get no fix on what the agenda is. Now he has:

I got an answer re: my inquiry about the Takamol people who put up the pro-one-state ads in the West Bank. Quote: Takamol are an think tank/advocacy group and not a political party or NGO. The coordinator for Takamol is Yasser al-Masri. I have seen an introductory text about the group, and it’s important to point out that [contrary to what I thought was a possibility] it is not related to the PA. Its message says basically: "The 2SS is over, Israel rejected and rejects the historical settlement criteria, thus it is our right and duty to re-engage a struggle covering all of Palestine and all the issues. It’s a mistake to wait for Israel to shape a solution, we must take the initiative to frame the solution that guarantees our rights."

Work is underway on the group’s website, a brochure detailing its vision/message/values/objectives/methods of operation, as well as on a future seminar.

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