The children whose spirit a siege couldn’t break

Haaretz has the story on the latest record set by the children of Gaza.  They’ve broken their own record from last year’s UNRWA Summer Games for the number of kites being flown at one time. 

gaza kits

The UN website has the video:

SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Palestinian Girl No 1:
“Seriously, it is a beautiful that the UN gave us this chance to feel happy while we are under siege.”

SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Palestinian Girl No 2:
“We thank the UNRWA and the UN for helping the children who are living under the siege to express their feelings and to have good times.”

SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Palestinian Boy No 1:
“Last week we went to the airport for bouncing and we broke a new Guinness record, and this week we came here to set a new world record by flying kites”

SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Palestinian Girl No 3:
“I am so happy because we broke two new records in one week, and we raise the slogan: Creativity is not impossible, and we are children like other children around the world, we want to be happy and to learn, and for that we decided to challenge the world by breaking new records in bouncing and flying kites. I hope that we will win, because we have a strong spirit and we don’t know anything called impossible despite of the difficulties we faced, and a new generation will raise the Palestinian flag and always we will have a strong spirit.”

When you hear someone defending the siege remind them that they are denying the children in this video’s rights to access: clean drinking water, adequate medical care; and until recently crayons and coloring books.

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  1. Citizen says:

    Gives fresh meaning to that old infantile rebuff, “Go fly a kite!”

  2. VR says:

    In the earliest form of pictographic language freedom is displayed by an arrow shooting over a wall. Soar with your spirits and than indeed in reality experience the freedom. Defy authority, they have no right to rule over you – be the generation of freedom.

  3. Chaos4700 says:

    I can think of another world record the Palestinian children of Gaza have broken — most unbreakable spirit in the face of the longest, most brutal military occupation in human history.

    This is why we have to be there for these people. They’re still waiting to be free.

    • Schwartzman says:

      most brutal military occupation in human history

      that was the most naive comment I have heard on Mondoweiss. Are you just trying to be dramatic chaos? or do you honestly think that? Do you know anything about world history beyond what you read on left wing blogs? It is a cruel world out there, you should really educate yourself before you make such asinine statements.

  4. Avi says:

    I continue to be amazed by the resilience of the human spirit and especially that of the Palestinian people. These children are heroes.

  5. RoHa says:

    See! All this stuf about how hard life is for children in Gaza is just a load of anti-Semitic propaganda. Look at them out there having fun! And most of them have got two arms.

  6. Schwartzman says:

    The reality of the Siege:

    link to

    For those interested in fine foods in Gaza, look no further:

    link to