The ethnic cleansing of Palestine, part II

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Mondoweiss has already reported the demolition of Bedouin Palestinian homes in an-Naqab in the south of Israel. Neve Gordon and others have correctly contextualised the events in terms of the wider strategic aims of ‘Judaising’ the Negev.

The following story appeared in Ha’aretz the same day as armed forced and bulldozers razed Arab homes:

The government will be providing housing assistance for army officers who move to the Negev desert region, as army bases relocate from central Israel. Assistance will take the form of a two-year rent subsidy or a discount on buying land to build a home.

The ministerial committee on development of the Negev and Galilee, headed by deputy prime minister Silvan Shalom, yesterday approved a list of decisions to strengthen the two regions. In total, the moves will cost more than NIS 200 million. They include initiatives to encourage army personnel to relocate to the Negev…

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