Trauma wags the dog

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An important piece in today’s Haaretz by Anshel Pfeffer saying that the main reason that Israelis gave Jeffrey Goldberg for attacking Iran is to prevent another Holocaust. Pfeffer recognizes that this is crazy thinking. And we are taking it seriously in the U.S.?

There are good and valid reasons for and against attacking Iran, but as long as the Holocaust is part of the equation, those who have to make the call will never be able to reach a reasoned decision.

It seems that in the national Israeli psyche, backed up by the education system and the IDF, the only worthwhile lesson of the Holocaust is that Israel should be strong and defend itself, and the only purpose of defending Israel is that there should not be another Holocaust.

Israel will probably succeed in preventing Ahmadinejad from building a bomb, but if in doing so its leaders continue to invoke Auschwitz repeatedly, then we are all losers. Israelis will lose the ability and ambition to try and turn their country into something more than just a safe haven, and their senses will become even more dulled to feeling the pain and suffering of others.

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