Washington Post finally goes after the lobby

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The Congo lobby that is. "Congo Republic’s heavy use of D.C. lobbyists prompts questions."

The chief target of the piece is Maxine Waters, the leftleaning Congresswoman, and "many members" of the Congressional Black Caucus. Would the Post ever go after the Israel lobby and talk about the Jewish members of the House? And who is raising these question? The Israel Lobby was written by a former Harvard dean and a leading professor at the University of Chicago; it has resonated for many, many Americans who are questioning our policy in the Middle East. The Post on the lobby:

The Congo Republic’s lobbyists took the lead among African nations in pushing for Congress to enact "vulture fund" legislation that would prevent foreign investors from reaping windfall profits by buying up at basement price the debts of poor countries and then suing the countries to repay in full. The Congo Republic, which settled most of its outstanding debts to investment firms in a confidential 2008 agreement, said it was seeking protection for all poor African countries, such as Rwanda, Ethiopia and Sierra Leone.

In the House, Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) stepped forward to sponsor a bill that won support from 33 co-sponsors, including many members of the Congressional Black Caucus.

Thanks to Max Blumenthal, who spotted this.

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