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September 30 2010

10 Settlers spray graffiti on mosque in Nablus, run over a man in Qalqiliya, attack a teenager in Hebron and

42 Makovsky: Obama will give it up for Israel for a two-month freeze extension

26 Hamas crackdown further limits Gaza’s distractions from the siege

7 The Jewish boat and the ‘peace process’

3 Israel’s government by chaos

13 Slater: As a Zionist, I came to believe in tough love for Israel, and then–

4 In my Cairo hotel, I meet a family that is desperate to get to Gaza

116 Jews with guns

September 29 2010

18 Avigdor Lieberman’s UN speech shows the true face of Israel

33 Rosengarten, sole American on boat: It is Jew against Jew

5 B’Tselem: In the 10 years since the beginning of the second intifada Israeli forces killed 6,371 Palestinians, including 1,317 minors.

29 Once again, PA caves on Goldstone Report

4 UN report: Israeli interception of the Gaza flotilla was illegal

13 In NYT, Robt Wright dares to suggest that Palestinians should have a right to, unh, vote

4 Freeze was meaningless

27 Sailing into the storm

17 Pseudo-freeze ends, pseudo-liberals rejoice

24 IDF used excessive force to take Jewish Boat to Gaza. Shapira: ‘soldiers’ actions were violent and disgusting’

1 Pictures

September 28 2010

14 New video disproves settler version of Silwan shooting

23 Why aren’t our congressmen hearing from this victim of endless Israeli expansion?

20 Obama continues Bush policy promoting anti-democratic crackdown in the West Bank

15 ‘Why would YOU want to go THERE?’

6 While the world sends its regrets, settlers move to evict dozens of Palestinians from E Jerusalem homes

75 Walt & Mearsheimer should rename their book, ‘They’ve Got Us by the Short and Curlies’

12 N.Y. musicians’ union shuts down debate over Israel/Palestine

5 Zionists did BDS

40 Jewish passengers to Gaza said to be detained in Ashdod, shaken but OK

September 27 2010

29 The details of those killed on the Mavi Marmara

25 Oren: Colonization benefits Palestinians

24 Wolff: Peretz’s ‘vast corpus of disgusting statements’ stems from support for Israel

17 Blogging Israel/Palestine

77 Tutu: ‘The issue of a principled commitment to justice lies at the heart of responses to the suffering of the Palestinian people and it is the absence of such a commitment that enables many to turn a blind eye to it.’

7 Why I protested AIPAC (and what brought me to that point)

3 Bulldozers and caravans are Israel’s gift to Obama

9 CAMERA will release motheaten lions to gobble up ‘Jewish defamers of Israel’

132 An American sees the occupation for the first time and–

48 NPR ombud says Israel lobby was ‘successful’ in changing coverage

2 ‘Rachel’ doc’y to launch in NY in October

September 26 2010

13 ‘A higher racism’: The new justifications for Islamophobia and pre-emptive violence

11 ‘J Street’ raised $11 million– and the right howls

12 Between ’09 and ’10, Obama dropped demand for an ‘end to occupation’

19 Israel Museum features art work honoring the right of return

29 Jewish boat to Gaza sets sail from Cyprus

12 No answer at the Egyptian office for Palestinian affairs

92 Agnon: Israel gave us strength to stand up for our lives

8 In 1967, Peretz and Walzer were on the ramparts

September 25 2010

8 A ‘party for Marty’ greets Peretz at Harvard

40 UN: Two men killed on ‘Mavi Marmara’ were holding cameras when they were shot

118 The legend of the Silwad sniper

24 He willed it but it’s still a dream

106 Two conversations with Europeans in Jordan touch on Jewish fears re anti-Semitism

September 24 2010

22 East Jerusalem still on edge as 14-month-old baby asphyxiated by Israeli tear gas

73 Bibi & Barney: Spring Pollard for 3-month freeze extension

64 Obama’s peace plan? ‘Annexation first, mini-statehood maybe later’

22 Thank you, we’ve reached our fundraising goal!

28 Giuliani and Bolton take the stage in NY to call for war on Iran & anoint the neocon choice for Iran’s next leader

4 Israeli troops also use live rounds against anti-Wall protesters In Nil’in

6 Man shot with live ammunition at Bil’in wall protest

16 Many people are worried what will happen when current peace talks fail, but will it be worse if they ‘succeed’?

38 Letter to Rachel Maddow

4 Tutu and Breytenbach join call for the Univ of Johannesburg to sever ties with Israeli institution

September 23 2010

21 Empty Promises: Obama takes his Middle East peace plan to the UN

9 Jerusalem Syndrome: A report from Silwan

1 Copenhagen city council set to vote on divestment

25 NYU to host debate – ‘Is Judaism fundamentally violent?’

36 Busting the siege, American style

44 A history lesson in Jerusalem

67 What settlement freeze? Colonists in occupied Hebron pour concrete for four buildings

30 Thank you! We’ve raised $7,500 so far – please help us raise $2,500 more.

September 22 2010

38 In grief-stricken Silwan–contempt for politicians, and talk of a third intifadah

76 Will liberal Jews take responsibility for their role in American policy and the suffering of the Palestinian people?

26 On second thought: Abbas signals renewed settlement construction won’t end talks

8 What is Israel’s goal in the peace talks – three states for two peoples?

6 Contrary to reports, Peretz will address Harvard social studies gathering

41 What the demand to recognize Israel as a Jewish state means to Palestinians

12 Duss on the Peretz/Thomas double standard

2 Sheikh Bukhary’s wife

49 Port Townsend co-op rejects boycott on a technicality

September 21 2010

10 Despite protests, Harvard to honor Peretz with research fund in his name

5 Celebrity support for cultural boycott is getting attention

27 For Thomas it was time to go, but for Peretz it’s a free ride

105 Our cross to bear

21 Segregation and solidarity

8 More Jordan Valley homes due to be demolished over ‘lack of permits’

8 Harvard Crimson: ‘No donation is worth indebting the University to practioners of hate and bigotry’

2 Frank Gehry joins supporters of Israeli settlement boycott

0 Harvard unable to decide on Peretz honor

19 Oren uses Yom Kippur pulpit to warn D.C. faithful to back Israel whatever it does Iran

11 Intolerant Middle Eastern religious group forces men to cover themselves

September 20 2010

19 Avigdor Lieberman wants to use the ‘peace process’ to kick Palestinians out of Israel

5 Israel allocates over $2.4 million to promote tourism in the occupied territories

139 American public opinion and the special relationship with Israel
John Mearsheimer

1 True talk on the Israeli siege of Gaza

2 TIAA-CREF CEO confronted on investments supporting the occupation

3 Tomorrow – Siege Busters Ball to benefit the US boat to Gaza

19 Israeli representative attempts to influence local co-op board decision

4 Put the settlements in your pocket

48 A few scenes from the occupation

8 IDF finally admits its three victims were civilians

September 19 2010

38 How Israel views its public relations problem

10 Harvard students: Peretz invitation ‘lends legitimacy and respectability to views that can only be described as abhorrent and racist’

14 Murder by way of national insanity

4 Le Moyne students hear Finkelstein despite calls to cancel lecture

16 It’s not about cultural merit

September 18 2010

12 Closed for atonement, but check out these recent highlights

September 17 2010

26 After Birthright: Hebron – 500 settlers, 2,000 soldiers and the tensest place I’ve ever been

3 Responding to Michael Oren, in his own words

0 Why we are boycotting the Batsheva Dance Company

12 Jewish groups denounce ‘Museum of Tolerance’ builder Simon Wiesenthal Center for support of Islamophobia

4 Bil’in holds weekly protest as Abdallah Abu Rahmah faces two-year sentence

26 Ahmed Moor in the LA Times – ‘Rather than lecture on Israel’s desire for a lopsided ‘peace,’ Oren should begin to imagine a state in which each person is equal under the law’

77 In Jerusalem, Pipes suggests Muslim polygamy has ended ‘Jane Austen’ England

9 By colonial design

5 Following Israeli assassination of Hamas leader in Tulkarem, Israeli & PA forces detain opponents across the West Bank

3 Brooklyn-Jenin: On the banality of good and evil

25 The advance of the anti-Muslim movement across America

8 House Republicans pal around with anti-Muslim, anti-Black racist David Yerushalmi

September 16 2010

126 Feeling the loyalty to the Jewish state

7 Pressure grows on Harvard to cancel Peretz honor

50 Rejecting the ‘self-hatred’ label

11 Shining a light on the settlements

17 The Search for 1948

7 Amira Hass: Israelis ‘are incapable of imagining themselves departing from the privileges that this system confers’

8 Harvard distances itself from Peretz, but event is still on

18 A joke about Jewish exceptionalism

3 When settlers attack

September 15 2010

64 Israeli intel firm behind Pennsylvania’s ‘terror’ bulletins on peace, environment, LGBT groups

22 Duss 1, Oren 0

4 Due to Gaza closure, 40,000 students refused from UN schools

10 Israel issues 16 demolition notices for Palestinian barns & greenhouses in the Jordan Valley

52 Help Mondoweiss continue to grow – give a tax deductible donation today

13 Israeli snipers use live ammunition against demonstrators in Gaza

5 Regrettable accident #1001: Another Palestinian shot in the back (this one was handcuffed)

232 The pharaoh of Jerusalem

September 14 2010

9 South African human rights group responds to Zionist Federation criticism of Ahava boycott

30 Is Muslim life actually ‘cheap’?

13 From the Diary of a Binationalist

27 On the subject of ‘partners for peace’

9 Jerusalem planning committee’s contribution to the peace process: 1,362 new housing units in the West Bank

46 Update on the peace talks

6 Will Harvard drop honor for Peretz?

September 13 2010

157 Crossing into Israel: ‘two highly-charged narratives’

18 Hillel prepares from another year of BDS on campus

17 Peretz issues 50 percent apology for latest anti-Muslim racism

55 Remembering Gaza

52 Notes on international law and the right of return

2 Israel razes the Bedouin village Al-Araqib for the fifth time

71 A Jordanian complains about his king and the Zionists

23 91 year old, and his grandson, among three farm workers killed by Israeli shells in Gaza

September 12 2010

21 On 9/11 anniversary, Park 51 Islamic center sparks rallies, for and against

6 After Birthright: ‘We’re not stereotypes’

4 Injustice is Injustice

September 11 2010

98 Netanyahu said Iran was 3-5 years away from nuclear capability– back in ’95!

20 In the Wake of 9/11, Israel Put Iran into the ‘Axis of Evil’

11 On night before 9/11, New Yorkers voice strong support for Muslim community center

September 10 2010

36 TIME on the Corrie trial: ‘it has already validated anew Richard Nixon’s timeless observation that it is the cover-up that does you in’

19 Islamaphobia, sexism and American demagoguery in the 21st century

192 Meeting 3 U.S. officers who are angered by the special relationship

7 The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, 2.0

2 US: Pressuring Israel on its nuclear arsenal will jeopardize possibility of nuclear-free Middle East (huh?)

5 Massachusetts State Treasurer candidate has anti-Iran agenda

22 Extra large peace process to go

21 Some violence gets to be righteous

2 a bit of luck….but little progress

September 9 2010

158 Gideon Levy: ‘Zionism in its present meaning, in its common meaning, is contradictory to human rights, to equality, to democracy’

1 Two Palestinian Legislative Council members released from Israeli administrative detention, one held 56 months without charges

39 ‘There Are No Civilians In Wartime’: Rachel Corrie’s family confronts the Israeli military in court

18 New ways to follow Mondoweiss

3 PACBI: Artists support for Ariel boycott is ‘a groundbreaking, precedent-setting initiative that will significantly contribute to ending Israel’s impunity’

September 8 2010

78 Maybe it should have been called ‘why Israel doesn’t care about traffic accidents’

16 Jeff Halper to Pete Seeger: Ditch the JNF and honor the boycott

16 Bibi wants a Palestinian state…by 2040

14 I bring a guide to the Middle East

23 CARE USA drops board member over ties to Lev Leviev’s settlement building empire

12 Yale anti-Semitism conference continues to make waves

3 UN reports Israel displaced at least 50 Bedouin families, including 39 children, in August

6 The reasons the BDS movement is ‘gaining speed’

38 Eyewitness to the Nakba

September 7 2010

15 Boycott grows as Stephen Sondheim, Mira Nair and Julianne Moore join call against settlement theater; Palestinian activists say keep focus on the big picture

167 Are the settlers civilians?

18 Traveler

46 Meet the Chernicks

4 Palestinian parents donate organs of their dead 4-year-old to save 3 Israelis

84 Mearsheimer: There will be no two-state solution, only a greater Israel, and Palestinians will need the int’l community in the coming fight against apartheid

18 Right-wing Zionists hammer out their vision of one state

19 Arab leaders reaffirm ’67 borders. And Israel?

5 Road to Jerusalem now moved from Baghdad to Tehran!

September 6 2010

9 Settlement boom! 1000s of new homes underway! Gov’ts look away! and other news from

25 Les cheveux, la chemise, les sans-boutons, l’ideologie– tout wrongee!!

11 Groundbreaking letter – ‘Israeli theatre artists have refused to allow their work to be used to normalize a cruel occupation . . .We stand with them’

42 Smoking gun: even as it enters into talks, Israel declares policy of separating Gaza and W.B.

15 U.S. has ‘rock solid’ commitment to Israel’s security as Mossad impersonates U.S. intelligence

16 Neoconservatism is rightly seen as a ‘current of Jewish culture’

September 5 2010

4 Culture of impunity

13 150 American actors, writers, directors and artists support Israeli actors’ settlement boycott

11 ‘NYT’ runs Indyk, then more Indyk, and you have to go to ‘Al Jazeera’ for a different view

9 How Marty Peretz misrepresented Cordoba in Muslim history

39 Ken Loach and Arundhati Roy are latest narrators of Goldstone Report

10 Trying to enter Gaza– and my embassy gives me an appointment in 10 days

43 BDS and one state as an alternative to the peace process

73 Shlaim: I’m not a refugee, my family left Iraq because we felt ‘insecure’ after Zionists wiped Palestine off the map

September 4 2010

72 While Netanyahu harped on ‘the blood of innocents,’ Mitchell seemed to warn of Israel’s demise

40 Report finds US policy toward Israel/Palestine contradicts American values

179 The settler killings– morality and effectiveness

31 I.F. Stone supported state force to kill a racist movement before it poisoned society

September 3 2010

34 Honored speaker at Bard College derides Muslims’ praying habits and sniggers at First Amendment

4 Armed settlers steal 35 acres of Palestinian land but U.S. pressures Abbas to lie back and think of England, and

44 Hear, O Israel– first the Pixies and Elvis Costello, now ‘Massive Attack’ says we won’t play Jim Crow

10 On Al-Quds Day

4 ‘The Israel Project’ cuts Abbas out of the picture
Jonathan Guyer

8 ‘Cookie monster, hubba hubba, inside out socks, and melted ice cream!’ (Revising George Will)

29 Well I’ve got a hammer! Washington Post, LA Times and NYT publish important Palestinian voices

September 2 2010

45 In which a mild Palestinian voice on a U.S. Op-Ed page is greeted by a call for Muslim genocide

18 Matthews says Obama has gone ‘neocon.’ Why?

12 Netanyahu has more power in Congress than Obama

12 Tail beats the dog

36 Actually, Herzl was a colonialist

11 As talks resume, two-thirds of Israelis support settlement building

64 Palestinian guns – redux

100 ‘Do you know how hard I work to control the rage inside of me?’

9 I know a ton of old lefties, wheat-grass drinkers, and painters in falling-down houses that went to Bard, but

12 Help! CNN runs reports produced by propaganda outfit headed by former AIPAC president

September 1 2010

14 ‘New York Post’ joins campaign against Moustafa Bayoumi

47 Freeman: Obama has failed in Middle East due to ‘pathologies’ of US political life

60 Look at this list of settler-initiated crimes against Palestinians in the last few weeks

46 Hamas attack was wrong

56 What is Hamas thinking?

74 Abunimah on settler murders: security for all

8 Yale stands by it, but it sure can’t spell it

13 Don’t jump to conclusions about who staged yesterday’s attack

14 The Israel lobby will be televised

7 Israel vs Israel
Joseph Dana

3 Bibi tells Hillary that (purported) settlement freeze is over in 30 days

41 Americans, what do you think of this choice?

0 No haven in New Haven for bigoted ideas

0 In East Jerusalem… a near riot

12 Talks could be the funeral of the two-state solution

7 Chas Freeman: Only Europe can skin the cat, out of the shadow of the Israel lobby

5 Recalling his encounter with Dayan, an Israeli soldier pleads for two states on ’67 lines
Yossi Khen

3 Canadian prof sued the Israel lobby
David Noble