House Republicans pal around with anti-Muslim, anti-Black racist David Yerushalmi

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It should come as no surprise that elected officials are aiding and abetting anti-Muslim sentiment in the U.S., especially with mid-term elections nearby. But it was still a little shocking to read Think Progress national security blogger Matt Duss’ post on a newly released report titled “Sharia: The Threat to America.”

Duss writes that the report, authored by the neoconservative Center for Security Policy, was presented to Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) and Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-MI). Here’s the slightly shocking part: also attending the event Duss reported on was David Yerushalmi, the general counsel for the Center for Security Policy.

So just who is this Yerushalmi fellow that Republican politicians were palling around with?

Yerushalmi has been aptly described as a “Jewish fascist” by blogger Richard Silverstein. As Silverstein highlighted in August 2007, Yerushalmi has said:

One must admit readily that the radical liberal Jew is a fact of the West and a destructive one…Indeed, Jews in the main have turned their backs on the belief in G-d and His commandments as a book of laws for a particular and chosen people…What interest does America have in a strong Israel? If your answer is democracy in a liberal or western sense, know you have sided with the Palestinians of Hamas.

Yerushalmi was a member of the Stop the Madrassa Coalition, which was instrumental in the anti-Arab, anti-Muslim smear campaign that brought down Debbie Almontaser, the founding principal of Khalil Gibran International Academy, a dual-language Arabic school in Brooklyn. He has followed his Islamophobic buddies Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer in joining in their war against the Muslim community center near Ground Zero, and is an attorney with the so-called American Freedom Defense Initiative, which is run by Geller and Spencer.

That’s not even the worst part. Charles Johnson, the blogger at the formerly right-wing, hawkish website Little Green Footballs who “parted ways with the right” for, in part, its “Anti-Islamic bigotry that goes far beyond simply criticizing radical Islam, into support for fascism, violence, and genocide (see: Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, etc.),” has the rundown on Yerushalmi:

This is a good time for some background information on Pamela Geller’s associate David Yerushalmi, who is an advocate for criminalizing Islam itself and imposing 20-year sentences on practicing Muslims. Yes, really.

He’s not simply anti-Muslim, though; Yerushalmi also wrote a now-infamous article titled “On Race: A Tentative Discussion, Part II,” in which he advocated a return to a pre-Bill of Rights Constitution, and the restriction of voting rights to white male land-owners. Again … yes, really.

Here’s a lengthy article at Talk To Action on the bizarre views and causes of David Yerushalmi: Anti-Semitic White-Supremacist Orthodox Jew Tries To Ban Islam In US.

Yerushalmi has deleted as much evidence of the “On Race” article as he could; he removed it from the Internet Archive and the Google cache, and put his entire website behind a registration wall. But here’s a PDF that contains the full article, and it’s as ugly and twisted a piece of racism as anything I’ve ever seen. Yerushalmi opens by calling Islam “an evil religion,” and “blacks … the most murderous of peoples.”

A quote:

“There is a reason the founding fathers did not give women or black slaves the right to vote. You might not agree or like the idea but this country’s founders, otherwise held in the highest esteem for their understanding of human nature and its affect on political society, certainly took it seriously. Why is that? Were they so flawed in their political reckonings that they manhandled the most important aspect of a free society – the vote? If the vote counts for so much in a free and liberal democracy as we ‘know’ it today, why did they limit the vote so dramatically?”

So there you have it: House Republicans are openly associating themselves with a “Jewish fascist” who has called “blacks…the most murderous of peoples” and advocates for the criminalization of Islam.

This article originally appeared on Alex Kane’s blog.

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  1. MRW
    September 17, 2010, 9:40 am

    I have long maintained that extremist right-wing Jews — you oughta’ see some of the vitriol coming out of the Jewish Defense League (JDL) — are behind the anti-Muslim/Anti-Black racism, fueling it. It’s Settler Syndrome. The reason why Obama is getting the birther/Muslim/racism treatment.

    Canada should be paying attention. The JDL is not considered a terrorist group in Canada, as the JDL has been in the USA for over two decades. Canada better wake the F up. I now consider Harper an idiot.

  2. potsherd
    September 17, 2010, 10:04 am

    When, when, when is the so-called black leadership going to open their eyes and realize that a large elments of their constituency is under attack by a racist movement. The largest group of Muslims in the US is still, iirc, native-born black Americans.

    (I am amazed by Johnson. Only a year or so ago, he would have been publishing Yerushalami and his right-wing hordes panti-hooting in approval.)

  3. Bumblebye
    September 17, 2010, 10:32 am

    I just read the linked article. Have now picked my jaw up from the floor and tried not to vomit.

    The most hideous blatant racism, designed to sound clever for the most ignorant of its readers. Maybe that’s what Republicans are?

    • MRW
      September 17, 2010, 11:27 am

      That MacAdam Report is stunning. I had the same reaction Bumblebye: My jaw slacked at the racism. Omigod, they must despise having a black president.

  4. Shmuel
    September 17, 2010, 10:37 am

    Yerushalmi. Isn’t that Hebrew for Duke?

  5. DICKERSON3870
    September 17, 2010, 6:20 pm

    Keep Fear Alive!
    Keep Fear Alive!
    Keep Fear Alive!
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  6. DICKERSON3870
    September 17, 2010, 6:25 pm

    Restore Sanity!
    Restore Sanity!
    Restore Sanity!
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  7. traintosiberia
    September 18, 2010, 9:30 am

    ADL is silent on this issue. What would be the fate of any senator or congressman if he or she shared a platform with David Duke or someone with much less hawkish/racist stridency than of him?
    ADL would eviscerate him or her or any hopeful if he/she happens to associate with anyone harboring non -neocon views on Midle East.

    Here is ADL , sickened with this incident( Omri Casspi’s mural is defaced with swastika painting ) and wants to bring the culprit to to on their part is calling it a hate crime!!!

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