Right-wing Zionists hammer out their vision of one state

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We got the note below from a man called Peter Paton. It is a reminder that the Zionist right is actively developing its ideas of what one state between the river and the sea will look like. And it ain’t pretty.

But the right recognizes a reality that the left, including the American liberal establishment, is in denial about: the two-state solution is over because Israel won’t disgorge the territories.

Shouldn’t the left be developing and offering its ideas for the same framework? Paton’s letter:

Dear Editorial team

Israel should actively focus and promote a One State Solution by annexing Judea and Samaria, with Arabs living in the territories being given Israeli Citizenship subject to stringent conditions.

Only a One State Solution will guarantee a Jewish Nation, preserve a Holy and Indivisible Jerusalem,

and keep Judea and Samaria in Jewish hands for the defence of the State of Israel.

We should not be promoting something we don’t actually believe in, and which would be deeply injurious to the Land of Israel.

1. Arabs would be required to declare loyalty to Israel as a Jewish (and democratic ) state.

2. They would be subject to a security check

3. They would have to sever all ties, legal or otherwise, with their relatives in Jordan and other countries.

4. Those Arabs who are refugees from the 1948 War of Independence and their descendants would be required to declare they are forgoing both their right of return to Israel proper and their property claims.

We would develope a constitution guaranteeing Israel’s future as a Jewish state. The bills would encourage Aliya in a serious way and require all citizens to perform national service, which could be done in their communities. Israel would return to policing Ramallah and Jenin and would control the Palestinian education system to ensure that it encourages coexistence.

Gaza would come under Egyptian rule.

In short Israel should annex the West Bank, and create a One State from the Jordan to the Mediterranean.The Two State Solution is dead in the water as it is just another land grab by the Arabs for another terror state from which to murder Jews.

This should be the intention of the right thinking International Community and the Israeli inner cabinet and Unity Government from now on, and it will guarantee us Peace and a Jewish State for Time Memorial.

Only a One State Solution will save the Zionist Project.

* For Jerusalem’s sake I will not hold my peace, and for Zion’s sake I will not rest *

Shanah Tovah

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