Princeton is stage for Jews for boycott, Vilkomerson and Blumenthal

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This is exciting. A couple of weeks ago, 700 Princeton students voted against the Sabra hummus monopoly in their dining halls. That’s why the pro-Israel kids lost, even though technically they won. And on Wednesday night, Princeton is the stage again. And note in stark rebuke to the claim of the DePaul Hillel in the post below this one, that Jews are arguing for boycott. Rebecca Vilkomerson of Jewish Voice for Peace and Max Blumenthal are going to be debating Boycott-Divestment-Sanctions with the head of the J Street branch at the school. Blumenthal:

The debate I will participate in on the 15th represents, in my opinion, the role BDS has played in fostering a more open discussion about the Israel-Palestine conflict. Though Daniel May disagrees with the BDS approach and will argue against it, he and J Street have also played a crucial part in creating space for open and honest debate about the conflict. Unfortunately, I learned yesterday that Whig Clio, Princeton’s debating society, could not convince any high profile “pro-Israel” figures to join the panel. The rumor is that no one they asked wanted to face me in a debate about the I-P conflict. I have no idea if this is true, and wonder why it would be, but whether it is or not, the fact that BDS opponents have resorted to empty terms like “delegitimization” in place of substantive arguments is evidence of how thin their case has become.

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