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Today Yahoo has an item on jobs that pay $100 an hour. So is this the new privileged normal? My friend Merandy, who is a contractor, now despises Norah O’Donnell because she said on air not long ago that people need good jobs that pay $15 an hour. He has a good point. And Bernanke spoke of two societies on 60 Minutes a week back.

During its recent fundraising drive, WNYC, the public radio station in New York, had Alec Baldwin doing these cute bits about Nina Totenberg having to report sports or Susan Stamberg having to do the weather if they didn’t raise enough money. I don’t see the problem with this. Thoreau said of company, why are you bringing the stale cheese of your personality to me twice in the same week, or words to that effect, and I’m with him when it comes to media, we might all benefit, holistically, from a cultural revolution. I have noticed that, ahem, the people who cover the Supreme Court become enamored of the justices and lose contact with reality and report every jot and tittle of their reasoning breathlessly. I am not trying to stoke class resentment but the present arrangement is certainly unfair, and the media are on one side of the unfairness, and this is another argument for social media…

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