The world will be a much safer place when American Jews stop believing these 4 bad ideas

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1. America’s not safe for us. (Look around, pal; we have complete freedom here)

2. We need a place to land when things get too hot in Brooklyn. (See #1; and so you warehouse a country in the Middle East– and the people who were born there can’t even move there.)

3. Israel depends for its safety on our unending support. (The opposite is true. Israel and the wonderful Jews who live there will survive only if they learn to live with their neighbors.)

4. We’re smarter than other people. (I guess it was true once. No longer. See beliefs 1, 2, and 3. Young Jews are now learning to argue that Jim Crow is a beautiful thing. Lord Acton said power corrupts, and our tradition of intelligence is dissolving under the weight of power.)

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