Meanwhile, in Judea and Samaria . . .


While parts of the Middle East seem on the verge of revolutionary change, in other parts it appears to be business as usual. This is a whack settler video, narrated by Eliyokim Cohen of Framingham, MA, gloating over the goldrush construction in the occupied West Bank. Pure messianism, with a lot of racism (or as he puts it on his website “You as a Jew are the highest form of creation”). It’s hard to believe it’s authentic, but it sure sounds that way:

“I am detested by over 99 per cent of the world’s population because God gave me this land a few thousand years ago and I came back and claimed it, along with all these other people… And if you look down in the valley down there you’ll see Muslim-occupied Israel. I’ve already picked out the home I’m going to take over there as soon as we drive them out. A nice sprawling place…

“This, my friends, is why I moved here, the beautiful luscious land of Eretz Israel, our homeland.”

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