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February 28 2011

10 Lesson from Egypt: How to reject a literary prize…

113 Israel preparing to deport star of Oscar-winning doc ‘Strangers No More’

11 Justice makes for a clear blue sky

7 More Israeli attacks on Gaza, rising violence in West Bank

3 Benghazi Commune – Capital of the Libyan revolution

75 Mona Eltahawy’s speech signals shift in mainstream discourse that Zionists don’t want

29 Pete Seeger endorses boycott of Israel

32 US Palestinian Community Network to PA – ‘You’re fired’

49 Judith Butler: LGBT center refusal to host Israeli Apartheid Week event is ‘to submit to the tactics of intimidation and ignorance’

29 Arab nonviolent revolutions mark the beginning of the end of the 9/11 era

22 Oscar night at J St: Michael Sfard says Israel made ‘an immoral choice’ and makes it again, every day

February 27 2011

41 Israeli inquiry: One-ton bomb dropped on Shehadeh house, killing 13 civilians, was ‘legitimate’

81 At J Street, Eltahawy gets standing ovation when she calls on peaceful revolution to come to Israel and Palestine

8 For Egypt’s workers the revolution is far from over

3 The opposition is building an interim government while Saif says there is nothing going on…

12 Desecrating the American flag

26 ‘Israeli Apartheid Week’ organizers respond to LGBT center’s decision to cancel event under pressure

18 Can you pass the Saudi Arabia quiz?

10 New resource tracks and analyzes Israeli arms exports

February 26 2011

28 Qaddafi forces shooting from ambulances, witnesses say

3 Settlers destroy wheat field with chemicals, burn car

18 Memories of my grandmother, a defiant victim of the occupation of Palestine

174 Colonialism and violence

15 J St conference begins amid the harsh crackle of neocon-Likud walky-talkies

17 Why did Bob Gates, who slams the Iraq war, meet with 2 guys who planned it and who then go trash him on Libya?

11 Under Haaretz-advertised plan, Palestinians who didn’t leave annexed West Bank for Jordan couldn’t vote

30 Saying Arabs ‘are simply not ready’ for democracy, Bernard Lewis simply gets a historical fact wrong

February 25 2011

82 What is the left’s answer to military intervention in Libya?

49 Rosen: A state created and maintained by ethnic cleansing, only seeing Arabs as shadows, cannot survive

81 Israel resumes extrajudicial assassinations

36 ‘Libya is not Egypt’

28 More reports of brutal attacks against protesters as Qadhafi loses control of the country

13 Anthony Weiner, Brian Baird and Roger Cohen debate the Goldstone Report on March 3rd in NYC

79 Meltdown Merkel succeeds where otiose Obama failed– informing Israel of its int’l isolation

35 Young Arabs are leading the world toward a new era of interdependence

20 NYT tale of congressional mohair bromance leaves out Middle East motive
John Mullen

15 Livni prescribes international law for Arabs– but refused her own medicine

28 McGovern paints Hillary Clinton as willful hawk to Obama’s jitters

February 24 2011

47 Nakba porn kingpin Michael Lucas bullies LGBT center against Anti-Apartheid Party

44 Haaretz ad recommends ‘return’-ing Palestinians to Jordan
David Schach

14 Working around America: a new strategy on Israel/Palestine

335 Netanyahu seems as delusional as Qadhafi

6 Knesset debates bill to abolish status of Arabic as an official language

3 90% of Libya in opposition hands; Qadhafi says protesters are all drug addicts led by Bin Laden

18 Ahmet Dogan: ‘US failure to support my son comes from the same policy that has led to support for Middle East autocrats & Israeli governments that have long oppressed Palestinians’

230 NY’s LGBT center cancels pro-Palestinian event after donor/porn-merchant says it’s ‘anti-Semitic’

23 Livni is PNG in many parts of the world but ‘Washington Post’ rolls out red carpet

96 Warsaw palm tree sculpture wears kuffiyeh in protest of Jerusalem annexation

2 Free to write

3 The emperor has no footnotes

6 ‘Jerusalem is our petrol’ –Abu Alaa

63 Chomsky, ‘materialism,’ and the Israel lobby thesis

7 Richard Perle and Bernard Lewis worked to enhance Gaddafi’s profile in west

1 ‘Will you repudiate Goldstone?’ (wish fulfillment & the Israel lobby)

2 Sheizaf: Wash Post’s columnist’s tour of West Bank is like visit to Jim Crow south at behest of KKK

3 The naked lobby: ‘Pressing Israel in U.N. remains a U.S. taboo’

1 Columbia panel will explore Iranian green movement’s relationship to Arab revolutions

February 23 2011

79 Israel destroys hundreds of West Bank olive trees to lay settlement water line

9 At home with The Goldstone Report

28 What do you think he will say?

14 ‘The free people of Benghazi flood the streets!!!’

18 Educate. Motivate. Advocate: Come to DC March 5-7 to change US policy in Israel/Palestine

18 Life under the occupation

12 Tobruk celebrates as Libya’s pre-Qaddafi flag is raised

52 An army against children — a story that might just cause the scales to fall from my good friend’s eyes

48 Israeli activists charge Ian McEwan with supporting apartheid

14 Ivory guntower: ‘Harvard Crimson’ runs yet another piece (#6) by a former Israeli soldier

213 8 years on, Matthews asks angrily Why did we go to war?

8 These two rabbis walked into a newspaper with an op-ed about Gaza, and–

6 Who gets access

14 JINSA whips clash-of-civilizations pony as it fades in the stretch

6 Another Israel advocacy group clings desperately to claim that Arabs are terrorists

3 Of colonies, lobbies and metropoles
Harry Clark

3 When the dog whistle is a siren

18 There’s proof of Israel lobby theory in politicians’ readiness to end aid to Egypt

February 22 2011

33 Neocon fantasy: Palestine has nothing to do with Arab uprisings

18 The unstoppable revolutionary power of al Jazeera

12 The first mistake is understandable, the second, not so much

18 BART riders can’t escape the Palestine issue

32 Clueless in Washington and Tel Aviv

34 How the ‘NYT’ swallowed the Stuxnet worm
Rehmat Qadir

72 Liberals

14 Urban Outfitters visits Tel Aviv

17 Let the tribute fit the crime

44 ‘These are Qadhafi’s final moments’

7 Speaking half-truths to power
Marc Estrin

15 The world still wants to love us

47 ‘Washington Post’ says repeatedly, the West Bank is part of Israel

9 Security Council veto is proving embarrassing

0 Political pressure stops Har Homa expansion but demolitions continue apace

February 21 2011

40 Heated Israeli Suez rhetoric burden on U.S.?

69 ‘The Palestine Cables’: Bahraini elites want to reach out to Israel, but the people don’t

85 ‘Once you start looking at the truth you can’t stop’ (soldier pisses on 13-year-old boy, boy is imprisoned for 8 months)

97 Long a supporter of two-state solution, Steve Walt suggests it’s ‘no longer practical possibility’

54 Last year the ‘Times’ called accomplice in slaughter, Seif Gaddafi, the ‘Western-friendly face of reform’ in Libya

5 Kind of like taking tea with Mubarak while Tahrir was shaking

6 ‘Obama settlements’ –Tel Aviv demo

132 Animals Lara Logan Arabs brutal animals Lara Logan rape culture Lara Logan

February 20 2011

15 ‘NYT’ gives Oren a lectern to spew potted history

103 Next, Palestine

12 Israel to consider applying Israeli law to settlements

23 ‘Gaza Youth Breaks Out’ calls for a unified Palestinian leadership to ‘lead us to freedom with all pride and dignity’

54 Q: Which countries in the Middle East routinely attack funeral processions? A: Libya and Israel

314 Why the U.S. will not ‘do something’ about Palestine
Virginia Tilley

8 Shame of the liberals: Nadler presses for more security for settlers

48 Obama’s Dred Scott decision

17 When your number comes up

12 This would be funny if–

February 19 2011

6 Activists around the world are way ahead of the U.S.
Brian Dana Akers

16 Israeli military attacks nonviolent protest in southern West Bank village and arrests 13 boys from village playground

402 Tahrir demonstrators say they aim to liberate Jerusalem

70 A massacre committed by another “close friend and ally” of the United States

14 Israel ‘deeply appreciates’ US veto of settlement resolution

47 Barghouti: For the US, ‘freedom’ in the Middle East amounts to the ‘liberty’ to bow to its hegemony

20 Past is Present: Why settler colonialism still matters

February 18 2011

468 Obama gives big thumbs up to settlements at UN (and kills the two-state solution –Haber)

17 Omar Barghouti kept from entering the U.S. for BDS speaking tour

15 Mike Huckabee wants American Jews to pack their bags

14 Moroccan activists look to join protest wave this Sunday

22 Israel lobby group describes an adversary as a ‘Muslim apologist’

9 In an attempt to challenge Islamophobia the Daily Show presents The Qu’osby Show

10 The Middle East is in a state of revolt, what will the ‘President of change’ support?

10 ‘NYT’ peace plan is at best naive

5 Ian McEwan and the writer’s commitment

44 Canadian college bars Finkelstein speech– without balance or baksheesh

32 Egypt
Yonah Fredman

6 Beinart’s chaperone doesn’t argue with him

14 Applying Tahrir Square’s lesson about game theory to the Israel/Palestine negotiations

February 17 2011

150 ’92d St Y’ cancels appearance by Palestinian doctor whose 3 daughters were killed after Jewish co-panelist drops out

122 Israeli army targets and arrests children in order to repress Palestinian dissent in the West Bank

12 Sea change in public opinion evident at Harvard Law debate of boycott

14 BDS leadership: ‘Palestine Papers’ show the peace process failed because it ignored Palestinian human rights

19 The assault on Human Rights Watch and Shawan Jabarin

33 Knesset member says boycott has already cost Israel tens of millions of dollars

13 This isn’t about Anderson Cooper

107 Hampshire students shut down IDF hasbara event

26 Misled on Israel, but not by Jimmy Carter

3 Regimes in Israel, Bahrain, Yemen and Libya kill civilians . . .

10 ‘Progressive Zionist’ group in U.S. calls for settlement boycott (while J Street continues to refuse to)

21 ‘Forward’ broaches idea that Nakba was ‘genocide’ (and idea that Jewish identity was abducted by Israel)

9 Jailbreak: Matthews says he understands why Arabs regard Israel as colonialist

13 Tom Friedman: Who is more manipulable, Egyptian people or American people?

21 Rosen: ‘A few crude jokes on twitter do not make a philosophy’

7 How did Labor Zionism, bent on liberating Jewish workers in Poland, end up discriminating against migrant workers?

February 16 2011

30 Funny. Funny haha or funny like fish, as my mother would ask? Like fish, mom

24 Beinart gave me a headache

95 Is this my ancient homeland or are you just happy to see me?

32 I think Nir Rosen is jealous of Logan and Cooper’s success

230 Welcome to Palestine…now let’s reset the relationship

7 While the rest of the Arab world is waking to protests, in Al Arakib Palestinians are awakening to the sound of bulldozers (destroying their village for the 17th time)

29 Palestinian queer activists challenge the ‘pinkwashing’ of the Israeli occupation

11 We need to give more money to Israel

16 How Israel lost its soul during Gaza, and how Egypt has restored a vital principle of resistance

February 15 2011

20 While the Arab world struggles to free itself from tyranny, Israel arrests and harasses Palestinian children

41 Saddam is captured –Baghdad Youth Movement claims

39 ‘NYT’ beats a dead horse

48 State Department tries to defend singling out Iran

16 Liberal journalists who won’t talk about Palestine have a support group called MSM

8 Peretz says he was misquoted…

21 Elite flavor of Egyptian revolution allows it to cross our borders

February 14 2011

128 Cairo’s first dividend

13 Arab democratization and the future of ‘the only democracy’

134 But we don’t live in an ideal world

30 ‘Newsweek”s ‘new columnist’ slings caliphate tripe

19 They hate us because of our freedom?

41 Everyone in the Middle East deserves rights except Palestinians

11 Neo-Cons: Egypt shows Bush as prophet and the demise of ‘Arab Exceptionalism’

43 Naomi Klein: Did Goldstone single Israel out?

1 Israel still laying down law for Palestinian police in West Bank

2 ‘Hatred is nothing more than cowardice’ (groovin on Egypt with Cornel West)

247 Hostages to Zionism

47 Liberals say now is time to get two-state solution

8 But Sheizaf says Israel won’t agree to a deal even if Obama had the ability to push

6 ‘NYT’ suggests all American Jews are still with Little Israel

35 Another Israeli gives Americans bad advice

1 How one Arab gained his political sophistication (in an Israeli prison)
Jen Marlowe

12 Malek: Egyptian revolution has ended 5 decades of defeatism, despair, scattering

February 13 2011

69 Didn’t they learn anything from Egypt?

8 Charity begins next door: Peres says Israel hopes Egyptians will be granted freedom

7 The Egypt lobby

106 Peter Beinart says what we all know

6 A cruel image (or why must Palestinians do Dadaist acts to try and engage the world’s sympathy?)

16 Settlers deface Palestinian homes with graffiti saying ‘Mohammad is a pig’

38 Record! I am an Arab.

February 12 2011

21 How the Egyptian mind influenced the west
Kovas Boguta

8 Alwan in NY to feature all-star lineup on human rights in Gaza (and Egypt too)

2 17 minors live under house arrest in Silwan

41 Here it is–

100 The resurrection of pan-Arabism

22 Arabs seize the ‘permission to narrate’

8 Echoes of the Egyptian miracle in a Galilee village

9 The story behind the Egyptian revolution

37 Ghonim on ’60 Minutes’ with the White Stripes as soundtrack– can the west claim this revolution?

9 Marty Peretz unbound: Obama adores the hijab and ‘is driven by the Muslim narrative’

3 No turning back
Lillian Rosengarten

23 Maybe Islam is superior–

February 11 2011

46 In Egypt the seeds of a new world order and the end of Western supremacy

1 Jubilation in Egypt

9 Imperial feminism, Islamophobia, and the Egyptian revolution

30 Gaza Celebrates – February 11, 2011

96 The Palestinian parallels

188 Mubarak is out! Hands power to military as Egyptians hit the streets on ‘Farewell Friday’

4 Israeli attack on Gaza wounds 10, destroys factory and damages Ministry of Health storage facility

29 US support for democracy– hooey
Ammar Al Marzouqi

28 Actually, Secretary Clinton, New York is the place to say no to Israeli impunity

7 A ‘generation of giants’ reshapes Egypt and the broader Middle East

64 In this beautiful peaceful historic revolution, we also played our part

8 Palestine Papers– Fantasy and fiasco

4 This is all that matters

1 Are you owed a book from our December fundraiser?

2 Ellis: Let Tahrir liberate Jews from the adoration of dictators

23 Young Jews, be like Huck making common cause with Jim on the raft

February 10 2011

137 Revolutionary thought

14 The Palestine Cables: Egyptian VP Suleiman, Israel’s favorite, wants ‘Gaza to go ‘hungry’ but not ‘starve”

151 Crash on the Nile– Mubarak isn’t stepping down!

5 Getting to know the ‘son of Egypt,’ Wael Ghonim

1 Al Arakib villagers beaten and gassed as they protest the 16th demolition of their homes

7 Australian detainee Mamdouh Habib recounts torture at the hands of the US/Israeli favorite Omar Suleiman

12 J Street says it invited boycott advocate to its conference so as to pillory her

5 Brooklyn-Jenin: Jenin In Wonderland

21 Israel foresaw ‘military action’ against Gaza in ’08 because effective ceasefire gave Hamas strength

4 The national interest? Obama cannot sort out Egypt without obsessing over ‘what is good for Israel’

February 9 2011

30 I know you all fear that our fervor is waning. It is not

13 Wael Ghonim addresses the crowd at Tahrir Square

2 Our Cairo twitter feed

42 Orthodoxy: Re Egypt, House Foreign Affairs Committee will hear two Israel lobbyists and one other rightwinger, no Arab-Americans

153 Yes but what should we tell the goyim?

24 Eric Cantor’s brother is backer of illegal settlements in West Bank

18 ‘If the Times had known that Bronner’s son was in the Israeli army, he would not have been allowed to be Jerusalem bureau chief…’

20 Ongoing disgrace: ‘Washington Post’ neocon columnist tells U.S. generals to ‘hush up [about Palestine] and fight’

2 Qatar is said to be big investor in West Bank settlement industry

47 What planet are they on? Which century? Israeli parliamentarians toil against ‘mixed race’ couples

10 Politico gets headline right–GOP presidential ‘Israel primary’– but kind of flubs story

February 8 2011

39 BDS promises a just peace, unlike current US strategy

17 Jane Harman’s exit is good news

32 Israel’s defenders oppose Egyptian democracy (out of concern for Egypt of course)

21 Orange County DA files charges against 11 Muslim-American students who interrupted Michael Oren; JVP says ‘charge us too’

28 President McCain confronts the Egyptian revolution: ‘We will defeat democracy and we will be free’

14 ‘We just want the rights you have’ (Why isn’t the U.S. listening?)
Felice Gelman

27 ‘Our only agenda is love of Egypt’ — Freed activist Wael Ghonim reenergizes protesters

54 ‘NYT’ says two-state solution should be saved by building 25-mile tunnel so that Israelis don’t have to see Palestinians traveling to Gaza

10 The Meaning of Budrus

31 Anderson Cooper knows what to do next– it’s time to hear the stories of our heroes

13 ‘Why bloggers avoid writing about Israel…’

9 Richard Cohen implies that Egyptian democracy could produce Nazis

1 ‘LA Times’ columnist joins ‘Wash Post’ columnist on Israel junket paid for by rightwing lobby group

February 7 2011

30 Window of democracy has likely already shut (and Hillary knocks at Suleiman’s door)

10 Who built the Suez Canal?

98 Mike Huckabee’s ill informed and dangerous views on Israel/Palestine may end up in the White House

3 Gaza Justice minister asks U.N. to follow up on the Goldstone Report

59 The Bush-Obama line on Palestine: forget ’67

40 American revolution

11 Obama envoy to Egypt revealed to work for pro-Mubarak (and not surprisingly pro-Israel) lobby firm

33 JVP leader is targeted ‘for Treason and Incitement against Jews’

21 Who is afraid of BDS?

2 Broad coalition of Israeli and Palestinian h.r. orgs call on UN to follow through on Goldstone Report

5 Inspired by Egypt, Wieseltier admits that Israel has based its existence on Palestinian ‘statelessness’

7 Help bring Al Jazeera English to U.S. airwaves

142 Slater on Shulman’s Israel: ‘moral nihilism and sheer stupidity’

2 In print, Remnick walks back his condemnation of Israeli occupation

3 Cohen: It’s time to overcome the western fiction about Arabs

February 6 2011

0 It’s a boom time for settlements, and Palestinian prisoners threaten hunger strike

36 ‘We yearn for a democratic Middle East’ — until we don’t, that is!

4 Searching for Egyptian unity in Ramallah

106 Israel’s Egyptian teachers

17 A proposal to integrate the opposition into the heart of the state

25 The existential threat to Israel is… democracy

22 Avnery says underlying cause of Egypt is… Palestine

13 If the ‘NYRB’ wills it, it is not a dream

14 Some are born great, some achieve greatness, some have greatness thrust upon em, and some have none of the above

24 Americans need to get their priorities straight

36 Protesters stand firm as political situation grows murky

9 A personal message to Macy Gray

February 5 2011

7 ‘My friend, Mahmoud Maher, a doctor, was killed at Tahrir Square’

6 O hear Tahrir break into song!!

5 Moor: Television fails to capture the wider experience of Tahrir

12 They’re dancing in Palestine, too

42 ‘NYT’ pulls back the curtain (For U.S., Egypt is about Israel)

143 America is about to begin a love affair with the Arab world

1 Even the thousands of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli cells are following the news from Egypt

10 Cardin, Democratic Senator, vows that Muslim Brotherhood should play ‘no part in governance of Egypt’

7 Neocons get their talking points down: Sharia bogeyman

36 Colonialist misgivings (we should have put Jewish state in Missouri)

February 4 2011

26 Supporting democracy in the Middle East requires abandoning a vision of Pax-Americana

9 ‘Revolutions don’t happen out of the blue’: Egyptian protests grounded in decades of struggle

39 Ahmed Moor: There is a sense in Tahrir now that democracy is coming– and medics and journalists are granted respect

26 Only serious dissent on the Palestinian street will change the game: Former PLO negotiator Diana Buttu on the ‘Palestine Papers’ and the Egyptian uprising

16 Hear Tahrir Square echo with the chant, ‘Go Mubarak,’ and hear a future leader in Alexandria

16 Never Again For Anyone: Right wing Zionists attempt to muzzle Holocaust survivor speaking for Palestinian rights

25 ‘Washington Post’ blogger gets Israel-trip expenses paid by neoconservative Israel lobby group

7 From Tahrir to Tel Aviv there are only two sides of the barricades – the side of freedom and the side of control

5 Two cheers for imbalance

7 ‘JVP’ in NYT– and Zionist leader hearts ‘our barbarian’ Mubarak…

169 The bogus conflict between American interests and values

2 When I was a kid I would have said, ‘This is really bourgeois’

1 The funnies

7 Military is 40 percent of Egyptian economy
Harry Clark

8 A NJ town throws its weight behind the settlement project

5 The wicked witch of the west went out like this too

February 3 2011

45 How do you say ‘All the news that’s fit to print’ in Arabic?
Brian Dana Akers

9 ‘We are very much in the early stages of our revolution’

10 ‘The Palestine Cables’: Al Jazeera is viewed in White House for Egypt coverage, but U.S. complained about its 08-09 Gaza coverage

5 Brookyn-Jenin: The Binational Popular Front for the Liberation of the Middle East

1 Cairo twitter feed
Parvez Sharma and others

0 Yes journalists are getting beaten in Tahrir Square, but the pogroms in the West Bank continue, undecried

5 Why did a Democratic senator from California block Egyptian pro-democracy resolution last year?

36 President Jimmy Carter vs. President Barack Obama

19 True romance: Egyptian military sees it will regain its pride by standing up for the people

42 No, the Egyptian uprising won’t hurt the peace process

6 Mubarak unleashes his thugs and it backfires

9 Egypt has become our ballad – a testimony before the world, crying out that we live

67 How the world can jolt Israel from its moral collapse

85 This wave will sweep Israel too– Soros hints in the Washington Post

19 Friedman’s myth of P.A. autonomy

3 Leslie Gelb and Richard Cohen are in bed with the wingnuts

12 More praise for Al Jazeera as the only game in town

February 2 2011

36 ‘The chant is يسقط يسقط حسني مبارك – Tell the world he is killing us’

32 Ahmed Moor: The people are utterly undaunted, they have held Tahrir, anything less than Mubarak’s ouster means nighttime arrests by secret police

17 Neocons have abandoned Mubarak. Why?

32 Justin Bieber to play Israel in April

17 Legendary spook says Hosni is history come Friday

4 Israel maintained its average of killing 1 Palestinian every other day in January

7 Exclusive: more of Biden’s keen takes on world leaders left on cutting room floor

165 Obama’s greenlight to Mubarak brings bloodshed to Egypt

11 Throwing Mubarak overboard won’t be enough to guarantee smooth sailing for Egypt

25 By switching on the internet and rocks, Mubarak seeks to make violence the face of the revolution
Felice Gelman

3 Whose interest?
Harry Clark

17 The internet is destroying the idea of the nation

86 Alas, Palestinian popular revolts didn’t get Friend’d on Facebook

12 Whoa. Friedman drops the A-Bomb… five years too late

2 Committee for Open Discussion of Zionism applauds Brooklyn College move

0 Egyptian workers’ protest anticipated revolution
Michael Riordon

4 Some Americans are hip

5 Panic in the lobby

0 Suburban demonstrations and handmade signs show that democracy movement is organic
Felice Gelman

16 Desperate Israeli proclaims we can reerect the Israel lobby in China

10 Eldar: ‘Backward’ American Jews maintain the settlement project

2 100 hypocritical years after Woodrow Wilson promised ‘self-determination,’ Arabs demand it for themselves

24 Meanwhile, Israeli org seeks to certify businesses that don’t hire Arabs

February 1 2011

1 Please help us find missing Egyptian protester Maram Eid, 29

27 Ahmed Moor from Cairo: ‘The people here are determined and have reached the point of no return’

24 Tunisia’s spark and Egypt’s flame: The Middle East is rising

21 The ugly American: ‘This is an American grenade. American! American!’

4 Egyptian revolution: a war of attrition has begun

270 The Egyptian revolution is coming– to the U.S.A.

4 Gaza police crackdown on Egypt solidarity demonstration

1 Yousef is gone

7 All eyes on Egypt– but Pipes looks at Iran

30 Breaking: Estimated 2 million protesters converge on Cairo’s Tahrir Square; similar protests across Egypt; opposition releases unified demands calling for Mubarak ouster, new constitution, new elections; regional reverberations?

10 The Iran lesson for Obama: Don’t be hypocritical about human rights w/ the young revolutionaries, do engage the Muslim Brotherhood

2 After weeks of protests, Jordan’s King Abdullah II dismisses government

10 Timing is everything– in love, comedy, and intolerance

16 Washington purged & demeaned anyone who wanted to listen to non-Israelis– Cobban, at Salon

16 This question will soon divide American Jewry: are you a Zionist?