‘LA Times’ columnist joins ‘Wash Post’ columnist on Israel junket paid for by rightwing lobby group

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LA Times’s Jonah Goldberg makes the same “full disclosure” that Jennifer Rubin did in the Washington Post. I’m going to Disneyland on the tab of the Emergency Committee for Israel, Bill Kristol’s group.

So two important mainstream newspapers are being subsidized by a rightwing group whose leaders supported the disastrous Iraq war. And you thought the blogosphere was whack… Where did these folks get their money, do you wonder?

(Oh, and don’t forget: Rubin successfully mau-mau’d good Steve Clemons of the New America Foundation as an Israel “basher.” What planet is this, and will someone wake me when it’s over?)

Also, these people seem to think full disclosure inoculates them. I had a lawyer girlfriend once who busted me on the same claim. Just because you tell someone you’re going to run them over with a truck doesn’t make it any better when you do!

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  1. DICKERSON3870
    February 8, 2011, 1:14 pm

    RE: “So two important mainstream newspapers are being subsidized by a rightwing group whose leaders supported the disastrous Iraq war” – Weiss
    MY COMMENT: Wake up and smell the Rupert Murdoch coffee, Phil! I think perhaps something similar to this went on with the boggers/contributors at the Huffington Post.
    SEE: Are You a Pro-Israel Media Maven? HasbArianna Is, by Richard Silverstein, Tikun Olam, 09/15/10

    (excerpts) If you are, the Israeli foreign ministry (MFA) has a junket for you: it’a a real metzieh. Israel has allocated $25-million for hasbara efforts of which $15-20 million will be dedicated to romancing the stones of the pro-Israel social networking and media world: Arianna Huffington, that means you, baby. You’re the leading Hasbara target and you ponied up your journalistic probity in return for a good, long sip at the MFA trough. If you don’t believe me look at this shameless bit of pandering to her Israeli Sugar Daddy… link to huffingtonpost.com
    “The campaign will focus on hosting figures the ministry has identified as having significant influence on public opinion. The first step in that effort was seen in ministry involvement in coordinating Arianna Huffington’s visit to Israel…
    The ministry says it will work to cover the visits of many other opinion makers next year. The focus will be on people involved in lifestyle issues, culture and art, as well as leaders of specific population segments such as the gay community…”

    SOURCE – link to richardsilverstein.com

    ALSO SEE: I Take Israel Personally, by Marty Kaplan, Huffington Post, 11/22/10 – link to huffingtonpost.com
    [NOTE: I’m beginning to see this “I Take Israel Personally”™ meme over and over like it’s a “Coke Is The Real Thing”™ ad campaign. – J.L.D.]

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