Israel supporters to erect mock bomb shelter in NY

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Well I’m glad this discussion is coming to the U.S. A group of Israel supporters is erecting a bomb shelter in Washington Square Park in NY today– complete with sirens and orders to get inside within a certain interval–so that Americans will understand what Israelis have to live with because of rocket attacks. So says the Birthright Alumni organization, which is behind the project. There’s a demonstration planned against the scare operation at 2 p.m.

The mock shelter is an obvious effort to counter the Israeli Apartheid Week activists who put up walls on campuses to dramatize the Palestinian experience. So the Birthright folks are saying that’s justified, I guess. And it raises the question: How long should Americans take one side in a cycle of violence that arose predictably, 63 years ago, from land confiscation and expulsion? How many more decades do Israelis and their supporters expect Palestinians to accept siege, blockade, checkpoint and sequestration?

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