Congressman: Goldstone ‘confession’ shows that UN lacks moral authority to recognize Palestinian state

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As we said in the old country, gag me with a spoon. From Joe Walsh, a Republican congressman from Illinois. I haven’t seen the actual legislation. h/t Josh Ruebner:

Co-Sponsor Legislation to Stop U.N. Bias Against Israel Dear Colleague,

Please join me and co-sponsor legislation that will withhold U.S. funding from the United Nations until it officially retracts the Goldstone Report, the U.N. report that accused Israel of war crimes.

Earlier this week, in an Op-Ed to the Washington Post, the report’s author, Richard Goldstone, retracted the entire report. “If I had known then what I know now, the Goldstone Report would have been a different document.” The Goldstone Report has not only been used by the U.N. Human Rights Council to repeatedly condemn and vilify Israel, but it also has been used by Israel’s enemies to justify their aggression. But in his Op-Ed, Goldstone wrote that he no longer believed his report’s most incendiary charge: that Israeli soldiers deliberately targeted Palestinian civilians during its invasion of Gaza. He confirmed that this is entirely untrue. In fact, he welcomed the Israeli government for investigating the instances in which Palestinian civilians were killed, even though Hamas has still refused to do the same about its rockets, which continue to deliberately target Israeli civilians.

What is worse, the United Nations may use the Goldstone Report as justification to officially recognize a Palestinian state, which could place Israel in the position of occupying lands belonging to a sovereign state and member of the United Nations. Yet, Goldstone’s confession confirms that the United Nations lacks the moral authority for such a declaration.

I ask you, therefore, to join me in sending the United Nations a clear message that the Goldstone Report has no foundation in fact and should not be used to justify any more anti-Israel action. Soon, I will be introducing H.R. ___, legislation to force the United Nations to formally retract the Goldstone Report. It will include the proviso that if the United Nations refuses to do so, the United States will withhold its contributions to the regularly assessed U.N. biennial budget. This bill has received the full endorsement of the Republican Study Committee.

I invite you to be an original co-sponsor on this legislation. If you are interested, please email Aindriu Colgan or call him at 53711. Sincerely, Joe Walsh Member of Congress

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