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Gideon Levy says Goldstone has given green light to Cast Lead 2

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Of course they are saying the same thing in Gaza right now. I gather that when the Israeli raid killed five today, Gazans tweeted, “Thank you Goldstone.” Here is Gideon Levy saying in Haaretz that Goldstone’s amendment has “paved the way for a second Gaza”. Wow this is hardhitting. Notice Levy’s angry mockery of the self-hating Jew smear. It is so wonderfully contemptuous; I believe it shows that the accusation has lost its bite for the next generation.

A surprising and unexplained article in The Washington Post by Richard Goldstone caused rejoicing here, a Goldstone party, the likes of which we haven’t seen for a long time. In fact, Israeli PR reaped a victory, and for that congratulations are in order. But the questions remain as oppressive as ever, and Goldstone’s article didn’t answer them – if only it had erased all the fears and suspicions.

Anyone who honored the first Goldstone has to honor him now as well, but still has to ask him: What happened? What exactly do you know today that you didn’t know then? Do you know today that criticizing Israel leads to a pressure-and-slander campaign that you can’t withstand, you “self-hating Jew”? This you could have known before.

Was it the two reports by Judge Mary McGowan Davis that led to your change of heart? If so, you should read them carefully. In her second report, which was published about a month ago and for some reason received no mention in Israel, the New York judge wrote that nothing indicates that Israel launched an investigation into the people who designed, planned, commanded and supervised Operation Cast Lead. So how do you know which policy lay behind the cases you investigated?…

Goldstone has won again. First he forced the IDF to begin investigating itself and to put together a new ethics code; now he unwittingly has given a green light for Operation Cast Lead 2.

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