Two other members of the Goldstone mission stood by its conclusions as of 3 months ago

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Since attention will now likely switch to the other three members of the Goldstone mission– i.e. do they agree with Goldstone’s partial retraction— you might find this link to the Irish and Pakistani members an interesting starting point. It seems to indicate that these two commissioners were holding firm. The video was shot at a panel at the American University in Beirut last November 19, just 3 and a half months ago (a discussion of the Goldstone Report at the Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs’s UN in the Middle East Research Initiative). Jilani is an Advocate of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and Travers is a former officer of the Irish Army and war investigator. Earlier at this site Yaniv Reich wrote that the last time he saw Goldstone he looked like a man worn down by relentless attacks. Neither Travers nor Jilani give that impression– quite the reverse which is, I think, significant. Jilani addresses the lack of co-operation from Israel and says (47:19) “…we can say that where we have given categorical conclusions they are not affected by lack of information from Israel.” Goldstone is now saying, “not so” or so it seems. Jilani ends on a very definitive note re civilian targeting and deals (circa 1:15:50) with the issue of Israeli investigations.

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