Money for Mondoweiss: The Chicago challenge

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Adam speaking at a house party in Evanston, IL.

Chicago likes a good competition every now and then. We are on the third coast, have two baseball teams, contests for our architecture, and even sent a community organizer to the White House. We have a growing community that wakes up and has our coffee while reading our daily newsfeed from Mondoweiss.

During the last week of April we hosted Adam Horowitz, of Mondo fame, to the windy city. He charmed audiences at area colleges and universities and told the Mondo story of fame and fortune (well, at least the early phase) to house parties held in activist homes in Evanston, Hyde Park, and Oak Park. We may not have the big bucks of the California or New York fundraising pros, but we were able to raise over $3000 to show our support for the daily hard work Adam and Phil provide to us in the land of Lincoln. We hope that the 3 million readers who come to Mondoweiss each year will join us and make a pledge to keep this important community alive and flourishing. And for those other city folk who like a urban challenge – plan a tour for Phil and Adam and see if you can top our $3000.

About Jennifer Bing

Jennifer Bing is the Middle East Program Director in the Chicago office of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC). Jennifer began her activism on Palestine and Israel in 1982, and during the early years of the first Intifada she was a teacher at the Friends Boys School in Ramallah and a human rights researcher at Save the Children. Jennifer’s research on the first Intifada and its impact on Palestinian children was published in a three volume human rights report printed by Radda Barnen (Swedish Save the Children) in January, 1990.

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