Wiesenfeld says his mother would call Kushner a Nazi collaborator

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From Jeffrey Goldberg’s interview with Jeffrey Wiesenfeld, who is the child of Holocaust survivors. More evidence of the deep damage to the American Jewish community of the Holocaust, and the crazy projection of Nazis on to Arabs. Maybe this will get the Nakba ball rolling in the mainstream media?

“My mother would call Tony Kushner a kapo,” he said in a telephone conversation earlier this morning. “Kapos” were Jews who worked for the Germans in concentration camps. “If I’m confronted by anti-Semitism in my face, I’m going to call it out.” I asked him if he had any doubt Kushner was an anti-Semite. He said: “Anyone who accuses the Jews of ethnic-cleansing is participating in a blood libel, so yes, he’s a Jewish anti-Semite.”

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