Bent propeller shafts in Athens


Video from Greece is said to show two sabotaged propellers on a flotilla boat. Badly bent shafts. Greek translator in the house? Yes: Translation below the video!

Today we came to test the vessel, we fueled it, we started the engines and at some point …… trying, simply trying to engage the propellers [put it in gear] ‘forward’ – the vessel was still tied up – one of the engines went out … It went out as it usually happens when a rope or a “rementzo” ( a certain light rope) gets dangled and blocks the propeller. That’s what we thought in the beginning. … uh we looked around the vessel … there were no sign of the “rementzo” there was no rope around -around , we called for a diver …. and it seems finally from what we will see and from what will see in a video that the diver shot, the vessel has sustained sabotage … ie. someone with some means filed, probably I don’t think, from what is apparent I don’t think that it was a hand file – it must be a very certain tool – filed the stainless steel – a very hard material that the shaft is made of – at such a spot that with the first rotations of the shaft and even with the small vibration and the speed [momentum] at that moment, it was bent ….. and the shaft was bent and the brackets that support the shaft and the propeller. I think it’s a sabotage …. I think it’s an organized [premeditated] sabotage by those that do not want the vessel to participate in the ‘Freedom Flotilla’.

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